The Blonde UpKeep Haul

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When I decided to go blonde a few weeks ago I spent them researching (googling) for the products I’d need to keep my hair in a good condition. To say it took a full day of bleaching & toning which you can read here in my Red To Blonde post my hair is in pretty great condition thanks to a great hairdresser & Olaplex! However I still have ends that are a bit brassy & the general condition of my hair is dry & frizzy to begin with. So I did a little shopping over the weekend & picked up some bits to help me along the way. Continue reading “The Blonde UpKeep Haul”

Red To Blonde In A Day With Volt Salon

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before & after from red hair to clean blonde in 9 hours

I started my Saturday at 9am & by 6pm I was finally blonde. Dumb blonde? Blonde Ambition? Legally blonde? Who knows. However I feel like this is the most extreme I’ve ever gone. It’s like going blonde is crazier than choosing a bright shade as there’s nowhere to hide! If I had natural hair with no dye in it then this wouldn’t be such a feat but I’m a serial colour changer. Continue reading “Red To Blonde In A Day With Volt Salon”

Vampire Red Manic Panic Amplified & Tips For Longer Lasting Colour

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I love to dye my hair. I prefer to do it these days with the least amount of damage possible. I rarely lighten (bleach) it but when I do it’s at a salon. When I say red head I mean Royal Mail red there’s nothing natural about it. I’ve worked my way through many variations of red. I have my hair dyed red then as it fades I top the colour back up myself. These semi-permanent shades act like stains & don’t cause damage. In a splurge about 6 weeks ago I picked up Manic Panic’s Amplified Vampire Red? Same as Directions but are supposed to last 30% longer. Also a treat as they’re more than double the price, so are they worth it?

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Korres For Dry Damaged Hair Splurge or Save?

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I love doing crazy things with my hair which is why I’m so adventurous with dying it. I’m on a red streak which you can see in my post on Adding Some Extra Red With Directions. I’ve gone down a less damaging route by getting it dyed at a hair salon then keeping it topped up with Directions in Pillarbox Red. I’m more willing to step outside of the drugstore for my hair care, but is it worth it & can you tell the difference? I’ve recently been using two brands that both have a high natural ingredient content, both meant for dry damaged or frizzy hair which is just me all over!

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Ultimate Blends Conditioners By Garnier – Which Is Best?

Ultimate Blends by Garnier - Which Is Best

I don’t often put lots of hair care on my blog as I’m a bit of a budget girl when it comes to my locks. I’ll spend the money to get a decent hair cut & now my new thing is getting it professionally coloured as I’ve done so much damage to my hair in the past. I still often buy what’s on offer for what I use in the week, which is how I came across Ultimate Blends. Continue reading “Ultimate Blends Conditioners By Garnier – Which Is Best?”