Why Clinique Beyond Perfecting Was Almost Perfect

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clinique alabaster sample

This is my update post about Clinique’s Beyond Perfecting Foundation. If you want more detail on how the foundation works, what it feels like & things like coverage you can go to my first post at Beyond Perfecting. I was all in to buy this foundation when I tried the sample I got in a magazine. Even though the shade was completely wrong (which you can laugh at in the first post), the foundation worked well for me. I decided the best thing to do was get a sample of the right shade.

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Foundation – How To Find The Perfect One!

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testing foundations nars bobbi brown clinique

When I enter any shop that sells make-up I always leave with foundation on the back of my hand. Expensive or not whatever budget I’m on I like to test them & compare shades. I like to research them on Youtube to see what people think & make sure to listen for their skin type too. It’s a bit of a mine field when it comes to foundation so these are my tips & tricks to getting the right product without hopefully wasting money.

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Beyond Perfecting – The Latest Clinique Foundation

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clinique sample

If there’s one thing about magazines I love it’s getting a few freebies to try out. I got this Clinique Beyond Perfecting sample which I couldn’t wait to try out. The only problem with foundation samples is that we aren’t all one shade of skin. More often than not it won’t match but that doesn’t stop me wanting to see what it’s like. I can’t afford to buy every new foundation that comes out so even if the shade is wrong I still like to test it out. To the amusement of anyone that sees the photos below this sample was multiple shades darker. It proves that nanyone trying to tan using your foundation does not work.

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Mineralize Moisture Mac Foundation – 1st Impressions

Mineralize Moisture Mac Foundation - 1st Impressions - 1

This has taken me a long time to buy, I’ve been scouring Youtube for a new foundation for months. I picked up Mac Mineralize Moisture foundation on a bit of a need basis together with a good colour match. I’ve always gone for a matte finish & avoided dewy ones so this is a complete turn around for me. Continue reading “Mineralize Moisture Mac Foundation – 1st Impressions”

Real Techniques – Miracle Sponge v Buffing Brush

Real Techniques - Miracle Sponge v Buffing Brush - mi 1

As far as beauty bloggers go the brand Real Techniques is pretty much-loved to death. We can’t get enough of Pixiwoo on Youtube , if you haven’t seen Sam & Nic in action I suggest you watch their tutorials. They’re sister’s who while gracing us on Youtube with their knowledge of all things make-up related launched a few years back their make-up brush line. Continue reading “Real Techniques – Miracle Sponge v Buffing Brush”