Double Wear Light – Estee Lauder – 15 Hours Of Flawless?

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When I started trying multiple foundations to find the one I never noticed how tricky it really is. I can give you the steps I go through on How To Find Your Perfect Foundation but I still haven’t quite found mine yet. The latest one I keep going back to trying is Estee Lauder Double Wear Light which I just seem drawn to using. It’s got all the right ideas but is it for me? If not, is it for you?

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My Spring & Summer Foundation Routine

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mac estee lauder urban decay

I’ve been on a bit of a crazy train lately, having tried almost all the foundations I thought would be great for Spring & Summer as well as the up & coming wedding bells nearer to the end of the year. Well by what’s above it’s all seems like a great waste of time because I’ve gone back to old favourites but applied them in a better way. This is perfect for those warm Spring days & eventually hot Summer days as well as it lasting as long as you can.

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Moisture Rich – A Bobbi Brown Foundation

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sample pot of bobbi brown foundation

Yep, another foundation review for you! If you don’t know from earlier posts I’m on a mission for the perfect base. I’ve tried Clinique’s Beyond Perfecting, BareMinerals Bare Skin & Macs Mineralize Moisture foundations, the last has been the best for my pale dry skin up to now. However now I’, giving Bobbi Brown’s Moisture Rich foundation a go.

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Estee Lauder Haul – The Search For My Perfect Base Continues

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estee lauder concealer double wear and samples foundation and advanced night repair serum skincare makeup

It feels like a never-ending quest to get the right base in general but the pressure is on even more when it comes to wedding. I’ve tried multiple ones recently & more than finding what I do need I can see what I don’t like about certain foundations. Continue reading “Estee Lauder Haul – The Search For My Perfect Base Continues”

Bare Skin By BareMinerals

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bare minerlals foundation sample

In my search for the perfect foundation it has led me to try BareMinerals, a brand I’ve only tried once. There’s no particular reason I just haven’t been wowed by any reviews. I know the powder mineral foundations are well-loved but I have dry skin so the Bare Skin foundation seems perfect with it’s built in serum.

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