5 Budget May Beauty Favourites

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In the last 6 months I felt like I was spending so much time wandering the drugstore aisle. I know new products have come out but I became jaded with it. I lost the thrill of the new but May was different. I seemed to find some great budget drugstore bits that got me excited. Here are 5 may beauty products that made the most difference to my routine. Continue reading “5 Budget May Beauty Favourites”

6 Things I’m Currently Loving in March

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It’s taken me a long time to get back into writings about my favourites. I think it’s easy to get caught up in the swirl of all the new things we can buy. I’m trying to be more careful of this so I can really see what I reach for most often. I’m going to include what I’m enjoying outside of beauty & blogging too. Continue reading “6 Things I’m Currently Loving in March”

September The Start Of My Fall Faves

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September Favourites 2014

September Favourites

I love September as it’s right between sweltering hot & freezing cold ready to piss it down at any moment. You get that crisp chill in the air when the sun is out but your stood in the shade. I’m in a search for a long wool cardigan I can wear with dresses that feel a little to thin, at least for the weather we are getting up north. I’ve had a change of styles which you can see in my choice of favourites.

Urban Fudge Ice Raspberry & Vanilla Hair Spray – Strong Hold

I’ve had a big change in how I’ve styled my hair. After 26 years of living with the need to straighten my hair when I go out I’ve learned to embrace the curl. Even though my hair is naturally wavy it doesn’t hold a curl so well. I like it to drop down to a relaxed curl but any kind of windy weather removed all the hard work. I knew I needed to give it some hold but can’t stand the smell of most hairspray. With this you can still smell alcohol on initially spraying it but your left with a raspberry scent that stays with you. It gives enough hold but at the end of the day I can brush my hair easily and not have that residue feeling left over. How did I get those curls here’s my tutorial.

Maybelline Big Great Lash in Blackest Black

Great lash is an old favourite I’ve used for donkeys years ( a long time). I got swept away with the new spiked lashes and didn’t repurchase it. When I saw there was a version called BIG Great Lash I jumped on it. Now the funny thing is I can only seem to find this mascara online for the USA. How it ended up in Superdrug in Meadowhall I’m not sure but I love this even more. If you did get it please let me know in the comments below. It is a big bristle brush with the same very black shade but seems to add more curl. The tapered out tip of the brush means I can still get my bottom lashes without getting mascara on my skin. See it in action over on my Instagram. Or over at Maybelline.

The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter

Gifted by my mum I was very happy with this care package full of The Body Shop coconut products. My most loved this month has hands down is the body butter. Made for hydrating dry skin it makes me want to use it, cause it smells so damn heavenly. I’m already half way through this tub I know I’m gonna need another one by the end of October if it lasts that long. I use this everywhere, not just my body but my feet, hands and probably oddly  enough behind my ears because of super dry skin (psoriasis). This shit works! For more coconut love see this post.

Sampar So Much To Dew Midnight Mask

This month for my skin has all been about putting the hydration back into it. I have a dry skin to start with but even so have neglected to help this other than moisturiser. With a few in my possession that I’m trying out this one has stood out so far. Trying not to repeat myself from my Evening Skin Care Switcheroo this is some super hydrating mask. I love how you apply it with the super soft brush. The fact that you can easily clean it with water without getting it in your product. Most of all this even seems to help out the spot problem I’m having. It’s a way of maintaining the moisture through into winter.

Maybelline Color Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencils in Berry Much

So Maybelline are hitting it out the park with new releases. This for me is Autumn in a budget friendly lip pencil. It’s easy to apply and can give multiple different looks from sheered out as a pink/ plum to a deep opaque berry plum. It’s creamy to apply but dries to a matte that’s comfortable to wear. With this one shade you can do Autumn but I do like the others and there’s something for everyone. Revlons Matt Balms disappointed me because of this as there was only one shade that wasn’t a crazy bright. To see this worn see my Updated Autumn Look.

What were you loving in September?

July “It’s Getting Hot In Here” Faves

I can handle warm days but July has been one hell of a hot month. As soon as I wrote the title I had that Nelly song stuck in my head, at least it’s apt. It also makes me feel super old when I realised (checked Wikipedia) that it was 12 years ago!

Rarely do I show anything beyond beauty bits in my favourites but I had to share this one..

Me My Vans Sunglasses- dupesagirlsbf

These are my new Vans Sunglasses and the were picked up a fortnight ago on what was the wettest weekend of the entire month. However when the sun did shine it was a great relief to have these at hand. At just £7 in the sales it was a bargain that I’ve made use of multiple times. July was hot but this quirky & rather vibrant for me sunnies saved the day.

July Beauty Faves

July 2014 - Favourites - mi

Loreal True Match Foundation 30 ml £9.99

I had a rocky start with this one and it was pushed aside until I found a perfect pairing (here) that made application and final appearance the perfect pale summer base. It’s a light to medium coverage but I like that it allows your skin to breathe & sweat. This sounds wrong but this means that with blotting paper I can remove the glisten from my face without taking away the foundation as well.

Mac Studio Fix Plus Foundation 15g £21.50

Yes a second foundation in my favourites and we all here less is more for summer makeup but this works. I can use it as a touch up for the above mentioned or on super lazy days all over. It doesn’t get cakey but hold the coverage rather well.

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray 30 ml £9

I long loved setting spray that has lasted me a really long time to say it’s only the travel size. I use this every time I do my makeup as it adds a little extra wear time but also softens out any powder products. It’s almost like a soft focus for your face when you use it onto of makeup. I always apply this by spraying it into a brush and applying in a patting motion.

Clinique All About Lips 12 ml £19

A recent within the last month purchase that has just boosted my love for wearing lipstick. I always try to prep my lips before lipstick but if I forget this means no one else has to know. It is a cream you put on your lips and around your lips and it just smooths the skin out. It’s not cheap but it’s a must have.

Garnier Ultimate Blends Conditioner 400 ml £3.89

As always conditioner is bought on a whim for me as and when needed. This one smells really gorgeous so I went with it and I’m glad I did. I only apply this to the length of my hair as it’s a rich conditioner. You don’t even have to leave it on long I can feel my hairs softer even as I wash it off. It might not be a forever thing but that’s the second bottle I’ve bought which is a good sign.

P.s All links are to where I’ve bought them from unless a link isn’t available.

May Makeup Must Haves

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I believe May has tested me more than any month gone by this year. It’s been rough to say the least due to my partner in crime being especially ill and having to be in hospital for the last 5 days. It’s being going on a long time but recently over this month it’s been hard on him. I never realised how much him just not being home would rock me. Luckily they have let him out today, along with what I can only describe as enough pain killers to knock an elephant out. He is fast asleep already next to me as I write and I’m glad he is because he’s not in pain when he does get chance to rest.

May Makeup Must Haves 2014 - mi


May Makeup Must Haves

For this reason alone it meant having to get organised and wear make up that would live through a few tears and keep me going from dusk until dawn. My may makeup has consisted of these select items more often than not in combination with a few others. These were the shiny stars that kept my face on even when I couldn’t.

Revlon Colourstay Foundation – For Dry To Normal Skin – £12.49

This has quickly become my liquid foundation of choice. It’s light and you can easily blend it out it just brightens my skin and doesn’t dry it out. Enough coverage to still show skin and applied with fingers every time. No pump but this was quickly forgiven, on a few occasions I used this as concealer by building up just where needed for extra coverage.

Mac Select Cover-Up Concealer – £15

On the days I did use concealer this became a new friend all over again. I think in colder times this becomes harder to work with. Yes we’ve had rain but on the warm days and when I’ve allowed my fingers to warm the product up this blends out. It becomes a much creamier consistently and works well. (Review)

Smashbox Always Sharp Eyeliner – £16

This is a little bit of a love hate product. It’s tricky and it takes work with a bit of trial and error but once you get there it stays there. I love that I don’t need to remember a sharpener (just don’t lose the lid!). I’ve easily tested this out on the waterproof side of things and it really does what it says on the tin. I have to remove this with an oil based cleanser otherwise it would still be there now.

 Revlon PhotoReady 3D Volume – £10.99

Mascaras really are hit and miss for me but this one just seems to speed the process up. It doesn’t clump and the wand separates my lashes leaving the blackest black coat. It does fleck of a little under the eyes but only a bit not enough to bother me after a long day. It has that perfect in between wet and dry feel to it from day one.

Nyc Applicious Glossy Balm – £2.49

I bought this I tried it once and forgot about it as it was just another lip balm. Come to my may make up and I’m all over it. I must have missed how much of a difference in colour this adds to your lips. I have red apple and this is like lipstick for people who hate lipstick. It won’t last indefinitely but then again you won’t need a mirror to re apply it either. Lovely and hydrating it’s made me want to try out the Nyc brand again.