3 Budget Face Masks I Use In The Bath

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I have many face masks in the bath room right now but unless it’s an over night specific like the Superdrug Glycolic mask I often forget to use them. However while I’m in the bath using a scrub or trying to keep my blonde hair healthy with a mask I may as well be multi-tasking. So I have a little routine that works well together to keep my skin clear. These are the 3 budget face masks that shouldn’t break the bank but still stop the breakouts. Continue reading “3 Budget Face Masks I Use In The Bath”

Superberry Superdrug Mud Mask – Radiance or Left Just Red?

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Superberry Superdrug Radiance Face Mask - mi

I really do love face masks, it’s my favourite way to treat my skin. It also forces me to stop & simply relax, I can’t stop my brain doing overtime but at least my body can at the end of my work day. I had searched out some budget skin care & I’ve gone past these Superdrug ones often I decided it was time to give them a chance.

Superberry Mud Mask

This Exfoliating Mud Mask contains antioxidant rich Superberry Extract to help protect the skin from free radicals, while China Clay absorbs excess oil and Raspberry Seeds gently exfoliate, revealing smooth, glowing skin. Dermatologically approved. – Superdrug

My first impressions of this mask were that it smells really nice & the tube is easy to squeeze the mask out of. It’s a pale pink shade & has seeds in it to exfoliate with, a bit of a 2 in 1 scrub & mask. It’s quick to apply and sticks to the face so no bit’s falling off half way through. When I first used it I didn’t read the instructions & just did it in the bath after I’d cleansed my face while it was still wet. I don’t know if it was the bath that was too hot or I’d simply over scrubbed with the beads but it didn’t look good. Wherever I had applied the mask my face was bright red. This lasted for most of the night but I could see it calming down & my skin was fine by the next morning. Below are the recommendations from Superdrug that I read after the fact.

Warnings or Restrictions

Use only as directed. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with clean water. Test for irritancy first. Do not apply to broken, damaged or sensitive skin. Discontinue use if irritation develops. For external use only, not for consumption

What I wanted to show is it’s always best to test a face mask even on your arm before you apply it to your face. This is the first face mask that I’ve had any kind of reaction to which is why it’s so strange. This may not happen to everybody but you just never know. What I’m wondering is if Superdrug think that making my face red in this way counts as radiance. I sure as hell was glad I didn’t have to leave the house looking like a raspberry! The funny thing is this is the second radiance product from Superdrug I didn’t like, the first was the Radiance Eye Cream. Not everything from the range is unloved I do like the Balm Cleanser.

Superberry Done To The Instructions

Even though I reacted to this badly the first time I decided to give it one more chance. I followed the instructions, apply it to my cleansed but dry face then left it for 10 – 15 minutes (10 minutes!). As you can see below I didn’t react as bad but there’s still a fair bit of redness. You can see the white panda eyes & my hair-line where the product didn’t touch. I think a big part of the problem is the raspberry seed which are way too rough to be helpful. It feels like it’s scratching at your skin and not giving a refined complexion what so ever.

Superberry Superdrug Radiance Face Mask - mi 2

Even I’ve Learnt Something New

I’m not saying all the Superdrug masks are like this one as I also picked up the moisture mask & have enjoyed using it. I just wanted to give a warning that if you’re buying a new face mask, any brand or type to give it a trial. I was lucky that I wasn’t going anywhere after it but could you imagine if you had to then try covering it up. If you do react to a face mask, cleanse your skin with something gentle then apply a decent face moisturiser. I did this a few times on the night it was bad and I think it helped the most.

Love Lettuce ? Lush Face Mask + New Fave Way To Apply Them

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Lush Love Lettuce Face Mask - collage

This is my review of the Lush Love Lettuce Face masks and what I think of the fresh face mask concept as a whole.

This is one of many pots of the fresh lush face masks I’ve gone through. Some I haven’t finished because of brain-dead moments when I’ve left them out and found them weeks later with mould growing in one of them. Other times I’ve simply forgotten they were in the fridge, out of sight out of mind. This isn’t showing them in their best light but it’s true and for me it’s happened more often than not. I always get suggested the same one over and over again and that’s the Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask. I just haven’t made proper use of it and with all good intentions then haven’t seen real results. When I last went in I had 5 of the plastic pots they recycle and so I get a free fresh mask for returning them.

I spoke to a member of staff who I explained about how I just wanted help with blackheads and if there was something other than the Catastrophe Cosmetic  that she could suggest. She picked out this..

Love Lettuce

Brighten your complexion with nutrient-rich agar seaweed gel, soothing and moisturising honey and almond oil, and gently exfoliating almond shells. This mask is simply fragranced with French lavender, which has a calming effect on the mind and helps to balance the skin’s sebum production – Lush

One of the daft things that bugged me about this was the name Love Lettuce. Only because the name has nothing really to do with the product. From what I found on the USA Lush website a voice over says it came from the inventor of the mask and it was how they originally displayed the mask on a lettuce leaf. I personally have dry skin and this is suggested for oily skin but because I’m spot prone it was explained that the exfoliating side of the mask would also help with dry patches of skin. So when you do look at their masks it may suggest for skin types but if you read the blurbs on the products it may well be good for you too. It has a mild lavender scent which I though I would hate but it’s so mild even I can’t really tell it’s there. It’s smells more like a garden when it’s rained to me.

How I Use Love Lettuce

  1. The first time I used it I just applied it with my fingers but I quickly because annoyed with it getting under my finger nails especially the almond shell pieces. Then I remembered I’d seen in suggested somewhere to use a foundation brush instead obviously an unused or unloved one. This works so much better as you get an even layer all over the face and it’s much less messier and you waste less even with what gets stuck in the brush.
  2. Next relax for 10 – 15 minutes. The easy part or as I like to call it remembering everything I haven’t done yet but realising I can’t go anywhere anyway as I have a mask on. If only I could switch my mind off that easily.
  3. Now this is the odd and a little tricky time-consuming bit. I usually let my mask get dry before I start to remove it so first use you hands to make the mask damp again. A mirror is essential to this, you have to now in circular motions with your finger tips rub the mask around your face. This is a slow process but your face will thank you for it. When your fingers feel like they can’t move add more water to them.
  4. Once it’s all almost off I then go in with a warm flannel to remove the final bits of exfoliating almond shell.

Lush Love Lettuce Face Mask - 1

This is how much I used each time and I got 8 uses out of the Love Lettuce face mask doing it this way. My skin afterwards felt very clean but not striped in any way. You could feel there was something left behind by it in your skin. I think that’s possibly the agar honey that helps to moisturise and as a good antiseptic. I did use this 2-3 times a week to make sure I used it within the best before date. My skin in term of biggers spots improved massively which the kaolin (clay) and fullers earth was likely the big part of what helped this. As for blackheads I think even the scrub side didn’t make much difference.

I do like the fact that it’s aimed at both deep cleansing,exfoliating and moisturising which are basically the three things my skin needs the most.

The Lush Love Lettuce fresh face mask is £6.25 for 75g or bring back 5 of the black plastic recyclable pots and get one for free.


Aromatherapy Associates Minis

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Aromatherapy Associates - Mini Trio

When I saw this little set free with Marie Clair I knew I had to get it even just for the freebies. Having never tried Aromatherapy Associates as they are just way out of my price range for every day use I decided it would be a nice treat and see if I thought they are worth it. You get three miniature bottles no sachet size so even good if you just use them for traveling with. The daft thing is without this being in Marie Clair other than the bath oils I didn’t even know they had a skin care range.These are all from the Hydrating Rose range.

Renewing Rose Cleanser

10 ml worth £1.25 or 200 ml for £25

For me this could be any cleanser, there’s nothing wrong with it but there wasn’t anything that made it different. It felt nice a thick creamy cleanser, the rose scent wasn’t overly strong and I didn’t have any reactions to it. It just had no spark that made me think this is worth what I would be paying for it. Maybe long-term use would show different results but this only lasted 3 or 4 uses so I can’t say otherwise.

Triple Rose Renewing Moisturiser

5 ml worth £5.60 or 50 ml for £56

This was by far my favourite out of the three as it was so hydrating but is also the most expensive. Well worth it if you can afford it and have crazy dry skin like I do. Very few moisturisers stop my Psoriasis on my eyebrows flaking during the day but this worked. I even applied it under my eye where I have a dry patch of skin that concealer likes to cling to and it fixed that too. I didn’t have any stinging when I got it in my eye not that you should do that I’m just a bit haphazard. I’m still using this one just very sparingly where I need it. May pick up a second issue to get a little more of this one.

Rose Face Mask

15 ml worth £5.50 or 100 ml for £37

This is a gel face mask which for me is quite strange to get used to. I’m always with the clay masks and this is odd for me. It has the rose scent and leaving it on for 10 minutes the scent wasn’t strong here just a floral hint. My skin did feel soft afterwards but beyond that I’m not sure how long that lasts as I moisturise after any way. I couldn’t see any major change but like with the others more use may make a difference.It has however peaked my interest in other gel masks which I’m looking into that are more in my budget.

Aromatherapy Associates

From this experience if I did get chance to purchase something it would be the Triple Rose Renewing Moisturiser that is the star of the trio. I still would love to try out the oils and maybe if I’m lucky at Christmas I might get a bottle to try as a treat for myself.



Apivita Cucumber Mask

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Apivita Cucumber Mask
Apivita Cucumber Mask

This is one of those quick pick ups just because you fancy a treat and want to wind down at the end of a long work week. I’ve had many masks to help with blemishes but rarely thought to try rehydrating ones as it just seemed like a job for my moisturizer. I’ve gone past these many times in Marks & Spenser and I the Apivita range is quite vast. I picked the cucumber one because it’s one of those fresh smells that’s not going to bother me while it’s on. Apivita gives this information:

  • Cucumber moisturises, refreshes and rejuvenates parched skin
  • Jojoba and avocado oils nourish and hydrate the skin
  • Geranium essential oil hydrates and tones the skin
  • Free from propylene glycol
  • 95% natural ingredients
Apivita Cucumber Mask - Applied
Apivita Cucumber Mask

Apivita Application & Thoughts

When you apply it feels strange as it’s a very gel like feel to it and is almost like applying a moisturizer. The smell is very much cucumber and is very cool on the skin. I don’t usually react to much but this after about 5 minutes started to sting not painfully as such but like when your outside on a really cold windy day like my face was freezing. I’m not sure if this is an on purpose effect but I can honestly say at that point I wasn’t enjoying it or relaxing. When I did remove it there wasn’t any redness or anything I could see as a bad reaction and since I haven’t had any issues.

In the Apivita sachet you get 2  masks and it the interest of seeing if it was just me that day I did the second a few days later and it was the same. I wasn’t too disappointed as they are £3 for 2 and will likely try a different one out in the future . Something I thinks relevant is if you buy the bottle version it’s more expensive per ml but if you only apply masks to certain areas you may get more applications going with the bottle as you may use less than a single sachet worth each time.