I Love Nude Essence Eyeshadows + Make-up Brushes

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If I’m ever near a Wilko store I can’t pass the chance up to take a peek at the Essence stand. If you’ve not seen Essence yet it’s a lovely budget friendly make-up line which also includes lots of nail varnishes in multitudes of textures & effects. There is something for everyone & always a little something I have to pick up myself like this I Love Nude range.

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Clinique’s Famous Eyeshadow – A Black Honey Dupe For £1

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close up of black honey eyeshadow in case

When I bought Clinique’s Black Honey eyeshadow for my Birthday I knew it was something special at first swatch. Unlike any shade I own not even Mac’s Cranberry has anything on this one. When I came across this dupe recently I just had to share it with you all. Continue reading “Clinique’s Famous Eyeshadow – A Black Honey Dupe For £1”

Eco Tools Brush Set

When I first got back into makeup I was in serious need of some makeup brushes. When looking through the basics set’s this one stood out as it offered everything I pretty much needed together. I picked them up from Boots & they still sell this set so I wanted to give you a bit more of an in-depth review of them all. Continue reading “Eco Tools Brush Set”

Mac’s Cranberry Eyeshadow

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I saw this and fell in love. Mac Cranberry is a redish plum that dose shimmers and is utterly beautiful and being Mac utterly expensive at the same time. I have being using this to experiment with to get in the Autumn spirit and try things beyond the norm and to make spending £10 on the refill pan worth it.

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Sable – My 1st Mac Eyeshadow

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From what I’ve heard, read & watched on Youtube Mac are it when it comes to eyeshadow. I’ve spent a long time umming & ahhing over the counter as to what would be the first buy. I felt quite guilty dragging my fiance round with me. It was that or suggest he look at the shirt he wanted & send him on his way to the mens department. I finally made a choice & Sable was it. Continue reading “Sable – My 1st Mac Eyeshadow”