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This is a freebie I got with Glamour magazine in last months issue. It’s the Model Co EyeDefine eyeliner. I know I guess you can’t really still get it that way now but there are multiple that are on Ebay as it’s worth £9 but most have been put on from 99p. So while they are still in abundance I wanted to let you know how I feel about it.

Model Co EyeDefine Eyeliner - mi


ModelCo Says –  Enriched with Shea Butter, the non-drying, soft formula glides on effortlessly without dragging or pulling and dries to a no-smudge finish.

Thought On EyeDefine

The reason I’ve shown the Garnier Micellar water is along with the cotton buds for me this was the easiest way to apply the liner. I love the fact that the sharper is build into the lid as I can never find mine when I need it so it cuts out the hassle. The EyeDefine is quite waxy and it’s a very solid black shade. You can apply it tight into the eyeline or as thick as you wish to take it.

Due to it being so waxy it does drag so the easiest application was to pullthe skin on the out edge of my eye then draw the line from inner to the outer edge. If you do find you’ve gone too far this is what the micellar water comes in handy for. I have a terribly shaky hand and little patience with eyeliner so I apply the micellar water to the cotton bud the squeeze the tip to flatten it out and remove any excess water. I then follow the line of the EyeDefine I’ve applied to fix any mistakes. This gives a reasonably clean line and I just paired it with a neutral eye shadow and the 2true Pro Volumising Mascara which makes for a very strong but simple look.

The only other thing is this can be a pro and a con depending on your view this really is budge proof. This stays well but you will need a specific eye makeup remover to have a chance of not waking up with panda eyes.

Model Co EyeDefine Eyeliner - mi collage

Collection Felt Tip Liner Try, Try and Try Again

Collection Felt Tip Liner Try, Try and Try Again  items

Around six months ago I purchased the Collection Felt Tip Liner, this is very much similar to all the other brands out there it just happened to be this one I picked up. I’m the kinda person that if I can’t get something to work I will always keep it and come back to it until I can find a use for it. I don’t like to waste things and this has taken a long time for me to work how I would be able to get on with it. I have attempted multiple times and all ended up with eyeliner everywhere.

The stupid thing about it is I had the answer back in October when I wrote about how I cheat at Eyeliner/Tight lining I just never thought the concept would translate with this product. It’s simple and all you need extra are some face wipes, just apply the liner close into the eye line and don’t work how clean the line is , along as it’s solid all the way across. Next wipe away the excess and you’ll be left with a thin line set at the base of the eyes. This makes all the difference as you now have something yo can work to and build upon. At this stage I applied the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Pomegranate as I this good be a simple night out look . Then using the very tip worked very slowly in short strokes drew the line in a little thicker. I think the hardest part is getting the wings equal but I just use the tips of my eye brows to guide the angle that I created.

This I know isn’t perfect but when I thought of it , this was the first try that worked so I just wanted to show you if I can try then interesting make up can be duped too, we aren’t all make up artists but we can learn something new .

Practice makes damn well good enough!

Collection Felt Tip Liner Try, Try and Try Again - EYES