They’re Real Push-Up Liner – A Tiny Benefit Freebie

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They're Real Push-Up Liner - A Tiny Benefit Freebie

This has to be what I would count as 2014’s most ridiculously over-hyped product. Not because there was particularly something wrong with it just the amount of press attention was crazy. In the first week of samples being passed to bloggers it felt like everybody loved it. After that point over the next month as many seemed to hate it, this is why I don’t buy into the hype, I give it chance to settle. It took me about 6 months before I bought The POREfessional primer which stood up to the test of time. Thinking about it once it died down I can’t think of one single blogger or vlogger who’s mentioned it. When I saw this freebie December’s Elle magazine I had to at least give it a try.

Push-Up Liner By Benefit

So first off let’s get into why it’s meant to be so different. This is a gel formula liner but in pen form, before this they didn’t really exist. Maybelline however have brought their own version an almost identical copy. It’s supposed to do away with the need for an eyeliner brush, making it a more travel friendly eyeliner.

It’s the FIRST EVER lash-hugging gel liner in a pen! This matte black gel formula won’t smudge, budge or dry out, and the innovative soft AccuFlex™ Tip hugs your lashline from corner to corner. The closer the line, the bigger the eye! – Benefit

They're Real Push-Up Liner - A Tiny Benefit Freebie - collage

Now I loved the concept of a miniature eyeliner to try out before you choose to buy the full size. The product packaging is sleek and black but it’s so ridiculously tiny, It had a little stopper in the end to stop it drying out except it didn’t work very well on mine. To get it out of the sample you have to squeeze the rubber tube as you can see above. This sort of half worked but it’s hard to get just the right amount out. The first bit was dry & useless but the bottom half did manage to create the eye above. I didn’t expect to get even close to a flick so I’m impressed a bit (not with my own skills lol). It’s still pretty thick for as Benefit put it a lash hugging liner? What I will say is it’s a sample but I only managed one eye. It’s not like I can go out and see if some of these claims below are real…

• 91% said it was longwearing**
• 81% said it was waterproof**
• 88% said it hugged the lashline**  (
• 84% said eyes looked visibly larger**
*Source: The NPD Group. Unit Item sales of the Total Prestige Eye Liner Makeup segment for 2014 Jan to Jun
**Results observed in a consumer panel survey on 32 women after 2 weeks

Would I Buy Benefit’s Push-Up Liner Now?

After trying this if anything it’s put me off, it’s a sample that doesn’t show the product off. A pretty packaging doesn’t make me want to drop £18.50 when I can’t give it a proper try. I may just go to a counter and see if they can apply it better, which would give me more confidence to getting a better cat eye flick or simply apply it so it hugs the lashes.

Have you tried out the Benefit sample, what did you think? Was mine simply a bit of a dud?

Urban Decay 24 7 Eye Pencil – Does It Live Up To The Hype ?

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Urban Decay 24 7 Eye Pencil - Does It Live Up To The Hype - mi

I feel like all my inspiration for my Autumn/Winter make-up has come from this one photo above ( from November’s Allure magazine I think…). I’ve been all about the bronze, copper metallic eye & eyeliner just finishes it for me. Not so much of the metallic lips I just can’t pull that one-off, I’ll leave that one for the experts.When it comes to eyeliner I’m a novice. I want it to be easy to the point where I’m not crying for 30 minutes about wonky lines, smudges or simply gunk free inner eyes where my liner has accumulated. I really don’t ask for much do I? Well I decided I’d try the Urban Decay 24 7 Eye Pencil, a little less affordable and a hell of a lot more hyped than most eyeliners.

Urban Decay 24 7 Eye pencil in Naked

Urban Decay 24 7 Eye Pencil - Does It Live Up To The Hype - me

This was taken a few weeks back when sunlight was still available most of the day! It was the last time I managed curling my hair with Ghds, not sure what changed but I’ve tried twice since & had to go back over & straighten it. Maybe need new hair products but it’s bugging me, would love any tips you got on it.

Urban Decay 24 7 Eye Pencil - Does It Live Up To The Hype - collage

Back to the eyeliner at hand, I got the doubled ended Naked one (meant to go with the infamous Naked palette) so I had more colour to play around with for the same price as one. The shades are Zero a soft black & Whiskey a warm medium brown. For most eyeliner wears this pretty much covers you for your eyeliner needs. I haven’t attempted to fail at the dreaded wing yet but for extra definition at the base of my lashes this baby works. It’s creamy formula glides along your lash line & you can get colour right at the root of the lashes. If find Whiskey to be more pigmented but you can build up Zero to be a more opaque black. If you apply this to your water line make sure it’s really dry before you apply it as this means it last most of the day without migrating into the inner eye.

I will definitely be getting more of these eyeliners in the future as I really fancy trying out the velvet version. The Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil lives up to the hype and then some. Yes they are £12 for the doubled ended (2 x 0.5g) but I think compared with all the eyeliners I’ve bought it’s still better value as I trust that I can pick this up any time and not fail at it! The singles are more expensive but better value at £14-£15 but you get 2g of product.

To see the Urban Decay Eye Pencil in use I’ve used Whiskey in the post Leather Effect Color Tattoo and Zero in my Cara Delevigne Get The Look post.

What’s your favourite Urban Decay colour or do you have a better eyeliner to beat it?

Cobalt or Violet? Laura Mercier Long Wear Creme Eye Pencils

Laura Mercier Longwear Creme Eye Pencil - products cobalt violet

Who Buys Cobalt and Violet Anyway?

You know when you get buy some make up in the sales and knowing it’s now or never? Well these are that for me. The Laura Mercier Long Wear Eye Pencils were a set of minis at half price from Christmas. It in you got five shades Noir, Espresso, Khaki, Cobalt and Violet. At the time the first two I knew I’d use and the Khaki I would attempt but the Cobalt and violet kinda felt like those extra shades you get in palettes that nobody really uses.

That was 6 months ago, me now I can actually manage eyeliner that isn’t in the water line. I’ve tried many techniques and products and become borderline addicted to the stuff still a work in progress with the cats eye look though. These Laura Mercier ones I kinda always put to the back because I didn’t want to waste them. What I realise now is not using them is wasting them. If I buy something more than drugstore I want to get my moneys worth.

Laura Mercier Longwear Creme Eye Pencil - self 3 cobalt violet


Before I get into the pros ill explain my main niggle. It’s a creme product in a pencil that has to be sharpened. If you don’t the line gets way too thick and you can’t really get an even look on both eyes, you have to sharpen after the first eye is done. These are from a set so they are smaller than the normal ones that’s OK. Sharpening feels like I’m throwing a lot of product away though. This is where the Smashbox Always Sharp really do stand out no sharpener, no mess and no waste.

Laura Mercier Longwear Creme Eye Pencil - eyes cobalt violet
Failure on the super shiny nose!


Once you get past that niggly feeling the actual product is really good. It’s super creamy so it glides over rather than tugging. I still pull the eyelid taught to get a good line but as you can see you can get pretty close to the bottom of your eye lashes. This eyeliner is great for quick use but once you’ve applied it theirs little room for error. This sets and the stays there until you remove it. You can wipe it instantly after you use it and it will come off but after 30 seconds theirs no altering it not even with micellar water. This can be a bad thing for some people but if you out all day and in hot or rainy weather this lasts as long as you can.

I really love that the colour translates onto the eye, some products look one way in the pot then have no pigment when it’s on the eye. The cobalt and violet is as blue and opaque as they are looking at the pencil. What you see is what you get.

Blue is very on trend this summer, in fact brights always make a show but this year it’s blue that is holding strongest. I think in this photo the cobalt is brighter and more out there than the violet. I think I would more likely wear the cobalt shade but then again if it’s the main feature both can carry a look off on their own.

Tobuy the Laura Mercier Long Wear Creme Pencils they are £18

Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner Freebie – Fotd – Review

Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner  Navy - fotd 4

 Why I Had To Give Eyeko A Go

This isn’t the first time I’d tried the Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner as magazine freebie but when I did have it I was so adamant I would mess it up that I never tried it. When I did come round to the idea I must have not put the lid on right as it had all dried up. It’s great when you get free beauty items in magazines but if you don’t use them or give them a chance then it defied the point of having them. When I saw this one in Glamour magazine which is still available by the way I knew I have to give it a go. After seeing Alexa Chung use it on herself on Lisa Eldridges Youtube channel I had to give it a better go. I even felt a bit daring and specifically looked for the navy shade but there is black too. The rest of the look was kept pretty simple to let the eyeliner do the talking.

Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner  Navy - fotd - eyes

Did Eyeko Eyeliner Impress?

I’m by no means a pro at eyeliner and it’s all a bit of trial and error. This I managed to do in just a few minutes tho and I was more than happy to wear it out. The navy adds a small amount of colour making it less harsh than black does sometimes. It’s in a way less in your face while still adding definition and shape to the eye. The key part really is the skinny fine tip it has that tapers out allowing super fine inner eye tapering to as bold as you fancy lashes. I wouldn’t say this is completely smudge proof as it claims but if you simply run you finger over it then it won’t move. You’d have to be rubbing tired eyes at the end of the day to cause a lighter blue smudge. Along with the smudge proof there is the real need for a good oil based cleanser like the Loreal one I use or a waterproof makeup remover and you do even then still get a little bit of staining. This can be covered by next days makeup or just a little concealer.

At £2 for Glamour magazine this £12 this Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner is a complete bargain and I’m been compelled to try the Eyeko Eye Do range from Alexa.



Always Sharp Smashbox 1st Feeling

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Could this weather just make up it’s mind, I left the house it’s rainy and by the time I’m back the sun blazes through the dark cloud. How do you pick an outfit for this kind of day? I wanted to do something a bit different an show you how my makeup looked at the end of the day and what lasted. Also how the new Smashbox Always Sharp eyeliner I recently picked up stood up to a full days wear. It was applied about 11am and taken off at about 8pm. Don’t you just love the amount of daylight we are getting I know I am.

Always Sharp Smashbox 1st Feeling - mi - Dupes Are A Girls Best Friend
The closest to cute I will ever get, feeling the whimsy of Easter!

In the spirit of full disclossure I’m not exactly great at eyeliner. This is the first time I’ve got past the front door with winged eyeliner. Please don’t judge but this took me about 30 minutes to do my make up and 20 of those were doing the eyeliner! But this look is all about the eyeliner. When I picked up the Smashbox Always Sharp Eyeliner it was for that reason always sharp and in theory it works. The end gets blunt you pop the lid back on twist it shut then take it back off again and it’s sharp again. In this way this is beauty magic as it doesn’t waste any and no need for an extra sharper.

Applying Smashbox Always Sharp

I found the easiest way was to pull my lid outwards to get a smooth surface to apply. It wasn’t perfect but it was reasonably easy. Getting the wings even and adjusting for a non symmetrical face that’s where it became a pain. In the end I cheated I applied the angled lined up the kinda smushed it above this and filled in . Next I took my trust cotton bud and micellar water and used this to clean the line up. Because it’s waterproof you can kinda nudge it into place a little as well as sweep off the excess. I did end up doing this multiple times I’m a perfectionist till I get board then go with what’s close enough.

Always Sharp Smashbox 1st Feeling eyes - Dupes Are A Girls Best Friend - collage

These were also taken after the 9 hours it had been on. About 95% was still there pretty much how I had left it. The other 5% was where a bit had ended up on the lower waterline which I’m considering picking up the nude version to go there. The other bit was it had fuzzed on the inner of the eye but I think I applied it a bit too far in as this happens with other eyeliners just usually worse. Do I love it I’m not sure but will I work at it? Yes I will as it was £16 and I’m hoping with time my skills will improve. Any ideas or tips let me know.

As for the rest of my make up I only apply the Studio Skin foundation lightly as it goes well with the Benefit Porefessional primer it’s just a tad took dark to be worn anything more than a light coverage. The blusher had long gone by then and I never got round to reapplying the Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Sex Machine which lasted about 5 – 6 hours but I don’t mind that so much as it’s a nude shade to begin with so the wear wasn’t as obvious.

Always Sharp Smashbox 1st Feeling -products  Dupes Are A Girls Best Friend

Everything I Applied