Party Makeup & What I Could Have Left At Home

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It’s not all that often I end up at a party these days so when I do I almost go a little overboard picking out what makeup to wear. I still haven’t the finesse for a 5 product travel set & instead opt for more possibilities than anyone needs. However what I did use would class as party makeup than even the novice makeup wearer could manage. I’m all about choosing fool-proof products when I’m away from the comfort of multiple different makeup removers & endless cotton buds to fix eyeliner! Continue reading “Party Makeup & What I Could Have Left At Home”

Clinique Black Honey Brush On Cream Liner

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When I bought this I was on a bit of a “must own all the Clinique Black Honey” make-up products moment. I had just picked up the Christmas Set which I posted on & it was my birthday, this was the final piece I could get hold of. I love the Quickliner for Eyes Intense & thought this would be a good replacement as the quickliner seems limited to the sets. It looks so cute in its packaging although I did expect it to be in a glass pot because it wasn’t a drugstore brand. That being said in hindsight it’s safer for traveling with & much lighter. This cream liner even comes with a little brush which is nice in theory but I found it pretty useless. The handle alone beings so dinky made it impossible to work with any degree of accuracy.

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May Favourites

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I know we are already a week into June & this should be up already but I fail sometimes, usually most times with timing! As for my favourites I’ve really been loving hair products this month which features heavily in this post. Funnily enough except for one product its mainly drugstore buys which have piqued my interest the most in the month of may.

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I Love Nude Essence Eyeshadows + Make-up Brushes

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If I’m ever near a Wilko store I can’t pass the chance up to take a peek at the Essence stand. If you’ve not seen Essence yet it’s a lovely budget friendly make-up line which also includes lots of nail varnishes in multitudes of textures & effects. There is something for everyone & always a little something I have to pick up myself like this I Love Nude range.

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Where Is My Mind #12 – Mad Max & More

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This is my little piece of my blog where I let you in on the random things that have happened recently. My life is random so Where Is My Mind can be a mix of fave TV shows, mini hauls or simply a spot to rant about pretty much anything. If I’ve found something new I’m liking or clearly spending too much time on Pinterest then that could be in there too. Try not to judge too much! Disclaimer – My thoughts are my own & there not exactly normal ones.

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