Double Wear Concealer by Estee Lauder

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I was on a search a few weeks ago for a new eyeshadow base when I came across this at a counter in Boots suggested by the staff instead of the actual eye base that Estee Lauder do. I was happy with the shade match so I decided to go for it. The odd thing is I haven’t used concealer for the most part of 2014, it’s not bragging more like sheer laziness & wanting a more natural base. My foundations were giving enough coverage & it just seemed like an extra step I didn’t want to do. However with my change in make-up needs this is quickly filling that to give me a more perfected base.

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Estee Lauder Haul – The Search For My Perfect Base Continues

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estee lauder concealer double wear and samples foundation and advanced night repair serum skincare makeup

It feels like a never-ending quest to get the right base in general but the pressure is on even more when it comes to wedding. I’ve tried multiple ones recently & more than finding what I do need I can see what I don’t like about certain foundations. Continue reading “Estee Lauder Haul – The Search For My Perfect Base Continues”

Beyond Perfecting – The Latest Clinique Foundation

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clinique sample

If there’s one thing about magazines I love it’s getting a few freebies to try out. I got this Clinique Beyond Perfecting sample which I couldn’t wait to try out. The only problem with foundation samples is that we aren’t all one shade of skin. More often than not it won’t match but that doesn’t stop me wanting to see what it’s like. I can’t afford to buy every new foundation that comes out so even if the shade is wrong I still like to test it out. To the amusement of anyone that sees the photos below this sample was multiple shades darker. It proves that nanyone trying to tan using your foundation does not work.

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Select Cover-Up Concealer At Mac – Is it worth it?

This is the most money  I’ve ever spent on concealer before so I wasn’t sure what to expect that would be any different from the drugstore ones I’m used to. Keeping that in mind I still went and bought it as a treat as I wanted to find out for myself. I already have compared this with my drugstore concealers in the post “Urban Camoflage Part 1 Concealer comparison” which showed it being just over 1/2 again as much more expensive per gram than Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. The Mac Select Cover Up is £15 per 10 ml and Collection is equivelent to £9.31 per 10 ml . I expected that gap to be much more than it was. Continue reading “Select Cover-Up Concealer At Mac – Is it worth it?”

Eco Tools Brush Set

When I first got back into makeup I was in serious need of some makeup brushes. When looking through the basics set’s this one stood out as it offered everything I pretty much needed together. I picked them up from Boots & they still sell this set so I wanted to give you a bit more of an in-depth review of them all. Continue reading “Eco Tools Brush Set”