Eye Of The Day – The Body Shop Eyeshadow

This is one of those things where you pick it up in the sales then forget about it. A big part of this is I’ve swatched tonnes of The Body Shop eye shadows and found them way too glitters. So this Sunday. I wanted to to try eyeliner again and attempt the felt tip type.

eye of the day The Body Shop - swatches

 I was gonna just go with sable but when I swatched them against each other, I assumed they’d be practically the same. Instead it made Mac’s Sable shade look more champagne bronze and The Body Shop was a deep copper bronze. It’s soft almost creamy texture was enjoyable to apply and was highly pigmented. I know it’s discontinued but that just means you can pick it up whenever there’s a sale on. I wish I’d picked the matte shade up I saw but I was sceptical at the time so that’s my fail.For just £2 it’s worth a try if you can find them.

The Body Shop Eyeshadow - Bronze

I think I’m getting the hand of the Collection Felt Tip Eye Liner now , it’s a bit of a pain but if you use just the very tip of it you can get a nice line that you can build up (i used this cheat i do to make it easier) . I’ve been using the Laura Mercier Creme Pencils on and off since Christmas just for tight lining and the water line. I like the shade noir but I haven’t worked up to the colour shades yet. I finished this off with Maybelline Great Lash which will probably be the last time for a while as I need to get rid of it and I’m testing out something new.

Collection Felt Tip Liner Try, Try and Try Again

Collection Felt Tip Liner Try, Try and Try Again  items

Around six months ago I purchased the Collection Felt Tip Liner, this is very much similar to all the other brands out there it just happened to be this one I picked up. I’m the kinda person that if I can’t get something to work I will always keep it and come back to it until I can find a use for it. I don’t like to waste things and this has taken a long time for me to work how I would be able to get on with it. I have attempted multiple times and all ended up with eyeliner everywhere.

The stupid thing about it is I had the answer back in October when I wrote about how I cheat at Eyeliner/Tight lining I just never thought the concept would translate with this product. It’s simple and all you need extra are some face wipes, just apply the liner close into the eye line and don’t work how clean the line is , along as it’s solid all the way across. Next wipe away the excess and you’ll be left with a thin line set at the base of the eyes. This makes all the difference as you now have something yo can work to and build upon. At this stage I applied the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Pomegranate as I this good be a simple night out look . Then using the very tip worked very slowly in short strokes drew the line in a little thicker. I think the hardest part is getting the wings equal but I just use the tips of my eye brows to guide the angle that I created.

This I know isn’t perfect but when I thought of it , this was the first try that worked so I just wanted to show you if I can try then interesting make up can be duped too, we aren’t all make up artists but we can learn something new .

Practice makes damn well good enough!

Collection Felt Tip Liner Try, Try and Try Again - EYES

Urban Camoflage Part 1 – Concealer Comparrison

Right now I just have a trio of concealers to share with you. My main reason to do this was each of the shades have suited my skin at the time of purchase and up until now I never understood how we end up with more than one at a time. I understand this now as I can see in the photo below how much my skin tone must have changed over the last 6 months to have been happy using each of these at one time or another

N07 Instant Radiance concealer

N07 – Costly Coverage

I’m going to start with the one I’ve had the longest and have bought multiple times. This is the N07 Instant Radiance Concealer in Shade 1. This is a creamy texture that is easy to use and when I used to buy it I liked that it came in this pen style. The idea is you click the bottom and the concealer is pushed up through the brush on the end which you then use to directly apply to the face. I liked this most as an 18-year-old goth that rarely went out in the sun and I was practically Wednesday Addams pale so the shade was perfect but I notice now a little too on the pink side. I loved to use this under my eyes as it brightened and didn’t feel heavy. At £12.95 for 2.5ml that works out at £5.16 per ml. This is also meant to be a similar concept to the YSL Touch Eclat in the brightening effect but I haven’t used it so I can’t say how close they are.

Collection – Ultimate Value

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer is likely the most talked and raved about concealer in the UK (99% sure). This is a great drugstore concealer that really does work. I bought this in Light back in June and no kidding here I only just found out there was a shade lighter called Fair. This was the perfect shade back in Summer as I had caught a little sun but I don’t tan so it worked well for me. It’s quite thick but can be spread out reasonably easy with a finger. The doe foot applicator makes it easy to place where it’s need quickly and I enjoyed this for a long while. Now it’s winter and a rarely see the sun my skin is as pale as ever so I would now look crazy using this as it would just point every flaw out rather than hide. This is super good value at £4.19 for 4.5ml . So this is 93.1p per ml so that’s less than a fifth of the cost of the N07. I think I may have to give the Fair shade a try when I next want concealer.

Mac - Select Cover Concealer NW15

Mac – Cover without Cake

There were three reasons I wanted to try this out. The first was actually a hygiene point as I am trying to get my skin into a better state so the idea is that with this Mac Select Cover it is a small tube so you can squeeze a bit out and work from that rather than using either of the other applicators similar to mascara where we use it in direct contact with skin and hair and along with that bacteria then put it back into the clean product. The other is I haven’t tried any as expensive , well that’s what I thought until I realised it’s £15 for 10 ml so that’s only £1.50 per ml. A third more than Collection but nowhere near as high as the N07 that I adored for so long (maybe the radiant part is what makes it so expensive? ). This is most similar to the N07 but has a more neutral shade that is closer to my natural colour and feels like it gives more coverage. This was the third reason as there is so much choice in shades compared with the three or four that drugstore brands can offer. I enjoy using this with my Eco Tools Concealer brush and the pairing helps to give a good base used underneath powder foundation.