The Serum Trials – Estee Lauder & Clinique

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My skincare routine has been a little all over the place recently. With life in general getting in the way remembering to do my routine as soon as I get it went out the window. It’s more like bed time around 11pm, I need to go wash my face! So when I got these samples 1-2 months ago I decided that maybe a serum could help perk my skin up & make me want to try harder. Both were free samples which helped because these are on the expensive side of skincare.

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Clinique Black Honey Brush On Cream Liner

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When I bought this I was on a bit of a “must own all the Clinique Black Honey” make-up products moment. I had just picked up the Christmas Set which I posted on & it was my birthday, this was the final piece I could get hold of. I love the Quickliner for Eyes Intense & thought this would be a good replacement as the quickliner seems limited to the sets. It looks so cute in its packaging although I did expect it to be in a glass pot because it wasn’t a drugstore brand. That being said in hindsight it’s safer for traveling with & much lighter. This cream liner even comes with a little brush which is nice in theory but I found it pretty useless. The handle alone beings so dinky made it impossible to work with any degree of accuracy.

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Three Cleansers In Use – A Balm, A Milk & A Mousse

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I’m pretty sure I couldn’t have chosen a more random selection of cleansers to use. I’m fickle when it comes to cleansers, I think most will do a good job & you don’t have to spend the earth to get a good one. The person that cleanses day & night with a budget brand it still doing better than the one who does it every now & again with an expensive one when they can be bothered. Not that all cheap or expensive ones are created equally both can have good & bad effects. I think however what type you use is personal preference more than anything.

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Get It Quick While You Can Clinique Magazine Freebie

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Could the above photo be the most random collection of items possible bought by a beauty blogger & photographed together? Well I’m under the weather with Tonsilitis & these are the things I bought to make me happier. My fella fetched me Rock N Roll Bride Magazine which if you want an amazing alternative style wedding this is the magazine for you! The Matchmakers are his as I can’t eat chocolate anymore but the pesto was my idea cause I love me some spicy comfort food, possibly into a lasagna which he might blog about soon over on Pies,Pizza & Pasta. Peanut Butter Ben & Jerry’s is purely medicinal to sooth my throat not because Peanut Butter anything is my addiction or anything… back to why your here this Clinique Freebie.

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Dramatic Pinks – Fotd

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I feel like this could be the most non-spring look possible. I feel like I get away with it because it’s very pink! Not your every day pastels or sheer lip colours but something in your face & unapologetic. I guess most would wear this as a night time look but I did this in the day time & loved it. Strong eyes & strong lips complemented each other because my pale skin looked a little stark with just the eye make-up on. Either way let’s get down to how I put this one together, the base isn’t included as I did a very recent post on My Spring & Summer Foundation Routine.

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