Aromatherapy Associates Minis

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Aromatherapy Associates - Mini Trio

When I saw this little set free with Marie Clair I knew I had to get it even just for the freebies. Having never tried Aromatherapy Associates as they are just way out of my price range for every day use I decided it would be a nice treat and see if I thought they are worth it. You get three miniature bottles no sachet size so even good if you just use them for traveling with. The daft thing is without this being in Marie Clair other than the bath oils I didn’t even know they had a skin care range.These are all from the Hydrating Rose range.

Renewing Rose Cleanser

10 ml worth £1.25 or 200 ml for £25

For me this could be any cleanser, there’s nothing wrong with it but there wasn’t anything that made it different. It felt nice a thick creamy cleanser, the rose scent wasn’t overly strong and I didn’t have any reactions to it. It just had no spark that made me think this is worth what I would be paying for it. Maybe long-term use would show different results but this only lasted 3 or 4 uses so I can’t say otherwise.

Triple Rose Renewing Moisturiser

5 ml worth £5.60 or 50 ml for £56

This was by far my favourite out of the three as it was so hydrating but is also the most expensive. Well worth it if you can afford it and have crazy dry skin like I do. Very few moisturisers stop my Psoriasis on my eyebrows flaking during the day but this worked. I even applied it under my eye where I have a dry patch of skin that concealer likes to cling to and it fixed that too. I didn’t have any stinging when I got it in my eye not that you should do that I’m just a bit haphazard. I’m still using this one just very sparingly where I need it. May pick up a second issue to get a little more of this one.

Rose Face Mask

15 ml worth £5.50 or 100 ml for £37

This is a gel face mask which for me is quite strange to get used to. I’m always with the clay masks and this is odd for me. It has the rose scent and leaving it on for 10 minutes the scent wasn’t strong here just a floral hint. My skin did feel soft afterwards but beyond that I’m not sure how long that lasts as I moisturise after any way. I couldn’t see any major change but like with the others more use may make a difference.It has however peaked my interest in other gel masks which I’m looking into that are more in my budget.

Aromatherapy Associates

From this experience if I did get chance to purchase something it would be the Triple Rose Renewing Moisturiser that is the star of the trio. I still would love to try out the oils and maybe if I’m lucky at Christmas I might get a bottle to try as a treat for myself.



Lush – Let The Good Times Roll & Tea Tree Water

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Lush let The Good Times Roll and Tea Tree Toner

This is up to now my favourite duo to cleanse and tone with. I wasn’t intending to write about this until I had finished but I realised that I am half way through this pot of cleanser and have used that in three weeks. So when I think that by the time I’ve finished it in the first week of January it may not be available to repurchase. This is because I have heard it’s a Christmas only item and the shop I got it from has only pots dated best before end February as this has fresh ingredients in.

Let The Good Times Roll  £6.35 per 100g or £15.87 per 250g

This cleanser to begin with smells ridiculously amazing like you could eat it (please don’t). It’s for the face and body but I just use it for my face only as it feels too special to waste on anywhere else. Don’t let the strange yellow shade and odd consistency that’s very thick like a face scrub  put you off this is the real deal. This contains corn oil, polenta, maize oil and cinnamon and if I’m telling the truth beyond the smell I didn’t expect much from it with its partially gimmick style with pop corn pieces randomly placed in it. I still don’t understand why it’s there so I just pick it out as I find it. As for what’s in it, well it just seemed too simple to work so few random ingredience but what would I know. I’m not the expert, just the happy guineapig willing to try.

Getting past this though it’s as easy as a regular cleanser you just have to pop a Malteser size piece on your fingers, add a little water and rub your hands together to form a paste. Apply this a bit to each bit around your face then massage it in a you would any other cleanser. This can feel a little rough to begin with as it is exfoliating at the same time as cleansing and I find the easiest removal is with a warm damp face cloth. I go over my face once then rinse to remove the scrubbing bits then wipe my face a second time to check they are all gone.

Tea Tree Water

This toner is easy to use, smells like a weaker version of tea tree oil and includes ingredients such as Grapefruit water, Juniperberry water and of course Tea Tree water all to clarify and also as antiseptics to help clear skin. I love the bottle that it comes in and the spray on the bottle is has a good aim and is perfect for using on cotton pads. I use about 6 sprays and this is wet enough to go over all of my face.

These two have been so good for my skin. I don’t know if it’s one or the other that had just made my skin so clear. I still get a few spots but with the job I do I expect it to be a reoccurrence , the difference now is they go so much faster and it’s made it easier to apply foundation because my skin is smoother and less spots means I need less concealer. It’s no more work that a regular cleanser and toner and takes about 5 minutes so can easily be fitted into your morning routine. I’m hoping to pick up the bigger size of each this weekend in case they do disappear.

The Basics – Cleanse Tone and Moisturise

The Basics - Cleanse Tone and Moisturise

I know that a lot of use know what to do but I thought as a basic rule this is a good one. Botanics is what I went for as my starter kit when I first really wanted to take care of my skin so rather than use my latest set I went for this as it’s easy to use and shouldn’t break the bank . There is usually some kind of offer on the brand and lasts around 4 months of use when used morning and night.

The Basics - Cleanse Tone and Moisturise collage

1A- This is roughly how much of the Botanics All Bright Gentle Cleanser I use each time.

1B- On to dry skin I make splodges on my forehead,nose,cheeks and chin then using both hands I massage this on all over the face but avoid getting too close to my eyes.

2- Using a warm damp face cloth , any will do even good old Primark ones I start from the top and work my way down rubbing the cleanser off and at the same time gently exfoliating my skin as well.

3- Next Apply the Botanics All Bright Toner to a Cotton Pad at the moment I’m using the Lacura brand from Aldi, you get 200 for 99p and work as good as the rest I’ve used. Wipe this all over the face, it really does make a difference and I always saw a noticeable difference after using this where my skin seemed to look more alive.

The Basics - Cleanse Tone and Moisturise moisturize

4- Last but not least moisturizer, this is just My Organic Surge Super Intensive Daily Moisturiser but you can use which ever one suits your skin type best this one is great for really dry skin like mine.

Botanics All Bright Gentle Cleanser 250 ml £3.99 for £2.99 on offer at Boots

Botanics All Bright Toner 250 ml £3.99 for £2.69 on offer at Boots

Organic Surge Super Intensive Daily Moisturizer £8.99 at John Lewis or same price on Organic Surge with Free Delivery up to the 20th enter XMASDEL at the checkout.

5 Day Trial – Evercalm Cleanser, Day Cream & Eye Gel

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This set came from a magazine last month I think. I usually pick issues up just for the freebies and I hadn’t tried Ren before but it’s been on my radar. I can never justify to myself buying it as it’s so expensive, not Emma Hardie expensive (most of us have swooned over that one at £34 a pot) but out of my feeling guilty to buy it then find out I don’t like it. I like to find out if my skin will react with the psoriasis I have it has reacted before with bad consequences for me. But I am more than willing when this appeared on the magazine stands. This is equivalent to to £12 worth of product. Continue reading “5 Day Trial – Evercalm Cleanser, Day Cream & Eye Gel”