Brunette Brows – Loreal V Collection?

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When I apply my makeup I always do my brows but I’m no artist I just like to tame & fill them in a little. They have this special trick in Summer (even our British one) where they start to go blonde on the outer half. This means if I don’t do anything it looks like some’s shaved them! There not quite at that blonde point yet because we’ve had about a week or twos worth of sunny days this year. I was lucky to never have gone through that over plucking trend of the 90s. However they do need evening out & since going blonde I still prefer brunette brows that match my roots. Continue reading “Brunette Brows – Loreal V Collection?”

3 Budget Face Masks I Use In The Bath

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I have many face masks in the bath room right now but unless it’s an over night specific like the Superdrug Glycolic mask I often forget to use them. However while I’m in the bath using a scrub or trying to keep my blonde hair healthy with a mask I may as well be multi-tasking. So I have a little routine that works well together to keep my skin clear. These are the 3 budget face masks that shouldn’t break the bank but still stop the breakouts. Continue reading “3 Budget Face Masks I Use In The Bath”

Ultimate Blends Conditioners By Garnier – Which Is Best?

Ultimate Blends by Garnier - Which Is Best

I don’t often put lots of hair care on my blog as I’m a bit of a budget girl when it comes to my locks. I’ll spend the money to get a decent hair cut & now my new thing is getting it professionally coloured as I’ve done so much damage to my hair in the past. I still often buy what’s on offer for what I use in the week, which is how I came across Ultimate Blends. Continue reading “Ultimate Blends Conditioners By Garnier – Which Is Best?”