Brunette Brows – Loreal V Collection?

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When I apply my makeup I always do my brows but I’m no artist I just like to tame & fill them in a little. They have this special trick in Summer (even our British one) where they start to go blonde on the outer half. This means if I don’t do anything it looks like some’s shaved them! There not quite at that blonde point yet because we’ve had about a week or twos worth of sunny days this year. I was lucky to never have gone through that over plucking trend of the 90s. However they do need evening out & since going blonde I still prefer brunette brows that match my roots. Continue reading “Brunette Brows – Loreal V Collection?”

5 Budget May Beauty Favourites

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In the last 6 months I felt like I was spending so much time wandering the drugstore aisle. I know new products have come out but I became jaded with it. I lost the thrill of the new but May was different. I seemed to find some great budget drugstore bits that got me excited. Here are 5 may beauty products that made the most difference to my routine. Continue reading “5 Budget May Beauty Favourites”

Japonesque – The Alternative To Tweezing Your Fellas Brows

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thehawkandbeard after beard was trimmed

If you’ve ever tweezed anybodys brows before then you know what fun it can be. It will be going well for a while then you accidentally pinch a bit of skin! Oops! You wince almost as much as they do, then you’ve got to remember not to laugh. A friend likely with shout some form of abuse at you while I find your fella, girlfriend, husband or wife will likely get some form of revenge on you in that very moment! I hate to be tickled or my feet touched so that’s what he will go for, you’ve just got to accept the consequences. Until you find Japonesque have the answer…

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