Lust List – Beautiful New Things

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 I love searching the internet for whats new out in beauty & I love to share it with you. This isn’t everything that’s out new but the things that interest m the most. The products that when I can afford them will look at buying them myself.

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Nudes – New To The Drugstores

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I do love to look at the new make-up that’s appearing on the shelves of the drugstore especially the nudes that everyone can get behind. Although some of them are a little odd but I’ll talk about that below. If you’re more into Bright shades then see yesterdays post on Bold Brights – New To The Drugstores. All shade names are left to right.

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Soft Smokey Black Eyeliner – Get The Look

Soft Smokey Black Eyeliner - Get The Look

Sometimes I can be the most boring girl when it comes to make-up, there will be weeks where I just don’t have the time or the inkling to try something new. I’ve not really written any new years resolutions down definitively but I did set myself on the task of trying new thing. Which is where this black smokey eyeliner effect came from. Continue reading “Soft Smokey Black Eyeliner – Get The Look”

#fotd – Minimal + Revlon Kissable Balm Stain… 3 hours Later

Revlon Kissable Balm Stain in Crush

I know I should have done a before photo but it was a bit on the fly when I took this photo a few minutes after getting home. My hair is wind-swept if I’m being nice but more like a fluffy mess. I didn’t have the patience for much make up I just wanted to look like I was alive with a few key focal points to divert away from the spots that have recently appeared.

I first read about the Revlon Kissable Balm Stains here on Through The Looking Glass And Down The Rabbit Hole when I first started loving blogs and they have been at the back of mind ever since. I’m not one for glossy shades so it’s taken a while to have a try. The shade I got was Crush a pinky plum shade that is for me quite a statement bold lip but with a sheer wash making it much more wearable. I was worried this would come off after I’d had something to drink but it was fine. When I got back I knew I had to write something as even though the shade had worn out to its base stain which was a faded red slightly plum colour it still looked really nice. It was only three hours and I could have re applied but it wasn’t necessary which is the bit I liked. I did have a little bit of the white little bits you get in the corner of your mouth but this was fixable without staining your skin.

The other part was the eyes as I’ve really been focusing on getting better at eyeliner as I find I can do my right eye but get to my left and its usually a mess. I commented on how I loved a slightly smokey eyeliner I thought it was this post but can’t find it now Think Love Makeup that she showed from a back stage photo from a fashion show. She explained a good way to do this was using an angled brush to get right into the lash line with a gel eyeliner then go over it with powder to give a softer line and to set the gel. I love this because I’ve now got a great use for the Bourjois Extreme eye shadow in Black. It’s baked so I used a little setting spray to wet it to get a nice line then used it dry to smoke it out over the top of my Maybelline gel liner in my tight line. It seems more complex than it is but it gave a really nice look and great for unsteady hands like mine. I went all Red Bull and attempted wings but as you can see they didn’t make the cut I failed miserably.

What else I applied:

Budget Xmas/Birthday Wish List

So this is just a idea of what I maybe will be picking up a few days after the New Year, I haven’t forgotten Christmas but it’s also my Birthday so soon after that I tend to wait until then to do some sale shopping. Can’t say I hate Christmas present I just have to have a better reason to justify spending lots of money. So luckily my birthday is there as the perfect excuse. I’ve done this list which is the budget buys I’m wanting but haven’t quite got round to buying then there will be a Luxe Christmas and Birthday Wish List too.

What’s on your wish list ?

Budget Xmas/Birthday Wish List

Carmex lip treatment
£3.99 –

Essie nail polish
£7.99 –

Topshop nail care
£6 –

Beauty product
£5.99 –

Topshop lip makeup

Max Factor lipstick
£7.99  –

Revlon lipstick
£7.49 –

Revlon lips makeup
£7.49 –

Rimmel lipstick
£5.49 –

Bourjois Happy Light Primer Matte
£12 –

MeMeMe Blush Coral 1
£8.50 –

MUA Matte Lipstick Scarlet Siren
£1 –