Matte Lip Pencils To Dupe Bobbi Brown & Nars

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So you probably already know I’m on about the Maybelline Color Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencils, that’s a mouth full! Can’t we go back to shorter names like matte, glossy & simply lipstick or lip pencil, I digress. Then again I hate seeing numbers instead of names when it comes to colours, unless in Nars case where I can’t pronounce half of them. Continue reading “Matte Lip Pencils To Dupe Bobbi Brown & Nars”

Pink & Curls – Beyond The Comfort Zone #fotd

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I’m not quite sure what I was thinking when decided to get ready this morning. I guess I’m just not you typical girly girl when it comes to blogging about makeup. I’ve had a long hate for curl so I’ve straightened my hair with Ghd’s for the last decade. Only in the last year have I allowed them to dry into a wavy mess. I’m not exactly fond of pink either at least on me. I wasn’t a fan of Barbie Dolls or of any kind of dolls full stop. When I went for the pink shade below it’s because I want to explore out of my comfort zone. Continue reading “Pink & Curls – Beyond The Comfort Zone #fotd”

Loved Lipsticks – The Ones Most Reached For …

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Last year I didn’t own any lipstick at all. For me lipstick was something my hands didn’t have the ability to master. I couldn’t get an even line or even just apply it to my lips without staining my face in the process. I didn’t trust myself not to end up smearing it across my face. The thought alone of needing to reapply it without any wipes as backup was daunting. When I started blogging it was my choice to change & start caring more about myself. Makeup for me adds a boost of confidence that allows my inner madness to be shown without words. Here are my most loved lipsticks.

Continue reading “Loved Lipsticks – The Ones Most Reached For …”

Patience Is A Virtue #fotd

Patience Is A Virtue? For me this means very little but when it comes to makeup practice really does make perfect. Continue reading “Patience Is A Virtue #fotd”

Razzberry Creamy Matte Lipstick By Bobbi Brown

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Razzberry, I can’t be the first to use the name of a lipstick in the reasons why said purchase happened… I just had to share it with you last week in a quick FOTD post. It’s my first ever Bobbi Brown buy so it’s a rather special one. It’s rare I buy such a pink shade but it is quite a strong shade & a unique addition to my makeup bag. Continue reading “Razzberry Creamy Matte Lipstick By Bobbi Brown”