Tea Tree Stops Mountains & Molehills

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Howdy partners … yes this is exactly how I text my bloke to see how he was doing today , even included a lil emoticon of a horse ? I’m pretty sure he made the same blank face you will be right now. I believe it’s the problem with unlimited texts and a boring work day with some sarcasm thrown in.

Origins Super spot treatment - the body shopt tea tree toner - MP

I ease into this with randomness because well we all hate spots and the majority of mine come from being at work. I try my hardest to not touch my face because it usually ends in oddly placed dirty marks which I don’t know about until I check in a mirror due to the fact that the guys I work with ignore these things rather than tell me. If I mention it I get this ” Oh didn’t you know ? It’s been there all morning”.

My skin care has taken a simplified three-step program recently due to half of my things still being unpacked. It’s cleanser, toner and moisturizer. I can tell the difference but not enough that I feel like it’s doing serious harm yet. Back to where I meant to start what I’m trying to say is I have found a happy place where I’m 90% happy with how clear my skin is right now and a big part of this I think is to do with the two spot stopping products I’m using at the moment but have changed how I use them that has improved things. Tea tree oil is a well known lover at clearing spots away but how it’s used and how often changed how well it works.

Origins Super Spot Remover – 10 ml £14

This I really did fall in love with when I first reviewed it here. I still enjoy this but I was using this religiously on every spot I had. This works and it helps to speed clearing them up but too much and it can make dry skin even more dry which put me off it. Now I use this just on what I call mountains not quite volcanoes, it hasn’t erupted and wishes to live under the skin for two weeks instead. I apply this using a cotton bud so no waste and is only applied to the problem area. After 2 or 3 days it’s usually gone back down and doesn’t break the skin so no nasty scarring.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner – 250 ml £5

This originally was a complete necessity buy, I had no money and my toner ran out so I used the £5 birthday freebie you get on the Love Your Body card. It’s £5 to join but get 10% off purchases and a stamp on spends over £10, 4 stamps in £5 and 8 stamps is £10 in store. Back to the point thinking back over the last 3-4 weeks I seem to have gained what I would count as clear skin. I still get blackheads but this seems to help minimise the amount. It’s a long-term investment in your skin that for me takes out the small yellow heads as quick as they’ve appeared and means I don’t have time to pick at them. As I’ve said before here it could be bit too much for sensitive skin. On the other hand I got this in my eye last week and instantly thought my eye-ball would melt or something but it was fine no watery eye or pain. Strange as it was please don’t try this at home but I thought I’d mention it anyway.