So T.K.Maxx Happened…

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I have an addiction, it’s just a shop but it’s my favourite beauty shop. You’d expect it to be Superdrug, Boots or even Selfridges seen as that’s where the makeup lives. However T.K.Maxx is just number one for me. Read on to find out why you should love it too.

I love beauty as much as the next girl but my bank balance just doesn’t get it. It can’t understand that moment you’ve found the one, that perfect red lippie. Or why that face mask will solve all of life’s problems. All it understands is your draining it with each swipe, (not any more) we swish, we’re contactless now! Just not pain-free. I always get that guilty feeling when I spend money on things I don’t need.

When I shop in T.K.Maxx it’s different, I don’t feel guilty about it.

so t.k.maxx happened haul dupesagirlsbf products

T.K.Maxx Addiction

It’s like a second home, if I know it’s near I have to pop in. I’s say many times I’ve gone in & not found anything but left happy. That’s the thing with this shop it’s always changing. I love a good bargain even if I don’t buy it. I like to play a game with my husband. I spot something that’s normally super expensive & get him to guess how much. Now often you’re getting things at easily less than half price if not more but even half price is out of my budget. I then say “aren’t you glad I don’t have expensive taste like that”. So when I do buy something it doesn’t seem so bad. The thing is you have to go in knowing what you will use versus it being a bargain & simply wasting money. I enjoy working my way through the shelves & spotting things I really want.

so t.k.maxx happened haul other bits dupesagirlsbf products

The Haul

Aquis Towels

The main reason I wanted to share the haul with you were the Aquis Towels you can see. There’s a hair turban & a standard towel as well. I saw these a few weeks ago being mentioned by A Model Recommends on Youtube in her Top 5 Time Saving Hair Products & I quickly looked at the website to see both of the above are £30 each! It was quickly added to my wish list as my now blonde hair takes forever to dry. However if you pass a T.K.Maxx take a look in you want them as I paid £5.99 each for them. Why? They’ve recently changed shades & had new packaging. Which frankly isn’t enough to make me feel the need to spend the extra £48 to have. I’ve already had a go with these & I can see why Ruth likes them.

Other High Street Beauty Bits

Firstly I picked up the Collection Define & Perfect Brow Powder. When I saw it in a Ms Budget Beauty Haul I had to give it a go. It’s one of those unusual products that could be innovative & for £4.19 it’s worth a try. In a bid to keep my blonde from the brassy tones I’m trying a well-known very budget friendly product. It’s the Provoke Brightening Shampoo that’s just £2.50 for 200ml (in Bodycare)! My theory being all purple shampoos should correct in the same way, we shall see… I also picked up a body moisturizer as always because I have Psoriasis & dry skin in general. I smelt this Palmers Coconut Oil Body Lotion & knew we’d get along. For just £3.99 it smells amazing & the scent lingers with you.

so t.k.maxx happened haul some bits dupesagirlsbf 2

Non Beauty Bits

In a bid to stay cool during this warm spell in the UK (I’ll not say this season as I may scare it away) I picked up these ice pop moulds. They’re quite funky as they’re individually moulded so once frozen I can store them flat to save space. I have some funky ideas I want to experiment with. Just because I love weird this & have a minor peanut butter love I had to buy this. It’s called Tru-Nut & it’s powdered peanut butter but has a hell of a lot less fat in it. You can even add water & use it like a regular spread but I’m hoping it tastes as good but with less Weight Watchers Smart Points.

Lastly I always have to look at the craft & stationary shelves. The two sets of draws in the photos are also from T.K.Maxx but I got them a few weeks ago. I think the large one was  £9.99 & the little one £4.99 but don’t quote me on that. I just got a very Orla Kiely vibe from them & the big ones are perfect for storing paper work in a pretty way. The little draws hold my random crafty bits like washi tape & just keeps them a bit more organised. I also picked up the disguised pins because I love quirky things. Anything that looks like one thing but does something else & I must have it, they were £2.99.

What have you been buying recently that we should know about?

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