Smashbox Always Sharp & Studio Skin

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Smashbox Studio Finish foundation and Always Sharp Eyeliner - products

When I’m shopping for makeup and I’m offered the chance to try out a new foundation I just can’t say no. I was on the look out for a new drugstore base at the time to replace my Mac Matchmaster as we just weren’t getting on. I have found a drugstore altenative since if you do fancy a good dupe click here. At the time I just wanted it to look natural but with a light to medium coverage. I also decided to treat myself to the Smashbox Always Sharp Liner, I’d seen it multiple times in store and went for it.

Smashbox Always Sharp Waterproof Khol

I bought this at the start of April and the majority of the time it’s what I’ve picked up the most often. It’s in the shade Raven a blackest black that’s completely opaque with the idea in mind I’d get the most use out of it but I was pondering the shade Bare as a waterline colour. The piece that was unique was you don’t need a sharpener and you don’t waste the product.

Smashbox Always Sharp Eyeliner - collage

It’s a simple bit of design that I enjoyed using as it took the hassle out of it and meant I could easily have a sharp point as I needed it. Simple twist the lid back on and take it back off again. It wasn’t all plain sailing and the flicks below were possible but for me just took too long to perfect. I can fix it a little with a cotton bud but you have to be quick to do so, once it sets that’s it. If you do try it a tip is to avoid going too far into the inner corner of the eye as I still ended up with the dreaded black gunk sitting there at the end of the day. I find I get that with almost all eyeliner so not a shock but avoidable. I most often just lined the base of my eyelashes as it got easier the more I used it. You can wear this in the waterline as it’s waterproof, this didn’t last quite as long but did better than most. I was kinda surprised I used it all up in the space of about 10 weeks as it’s not the cheapest but I’m also chalking that up to a slow learning curve.

At £16 it’s not cheap but I think it’s innovative and I’d like to try out the other shades. If you’d like I’ve done these Fotd with Smahbox Always Sharp in them

Smashbox Always Sharp Eyeliner - collage eyes

Smashbox Studio Skin Hydrating Foundation

Smashbox Studio Finish foundation and Always Sharp Eyeliner

All I can say it I really like this foundation. For a dry skin kinda girl I am this is a keeper, the only problem is I like my foundations to be a very close shade match. I was told in store the shade sample I was given was the lightest. That being said I’ve looked online and they may have improved the shade range maybe by the looks of it even doubled it. I think the Boots I went in is a smaller store so might not stock every shade. Either way this a a beautiful foundation I would say this is a light coverage but you can get away with building it up if you can’t be bothered with concealer. I found this to smooth my skin out and made it feel silky and it really does last most of the day. This is the foundation that started me on the hunt for one that would go with my Benefit Porfessional primer as this one worked together there must be some more affordable ones around that wouldn’t roll.

Smashbox Studio Finish foundation and Always Sharp Eyeliner - close up

At £27 it’s on par with my Mac Matchmaster funnily enough both brands are owned by the same people. It’s worth it if you can get a shade to suit you but then again that’s why I prefer Mac so much. Hopefully the Smashbox brand will blossom and get a bigger range in. If you pass by ask for a sample it may suit you too.