Au Naturel Sleek Palette

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Sleek Au Naturel Palette - top view

When I made the decision a few weeks ago to buy a “high-end” natural eyeshadow palette this was one that got suggested afterwards by another blogger Beauty In Beta as an affordable alternative . At just £8 I decided it was worth trying it out and while 3 for 2 was on that’s even better and can be picked up from Superdrug and Boots.

Sleek Au Naturel Palette - item

This is the first item I’ve bought from the brand and consists of 12 eyeshadows. The first thing I noticed is the packaging being very similar to Nars in the matte black semi-rubberized texture and also in the same way it leaves dirty finger prints and marks rather easily. But at first look it’s very pretty and is almost the same shape as M.u.a palettes but a lot sturdier and the clasp at the front is much more solid. It also has a mirror the full size of the lid so to me that makes it great for traveling.It comes with a foam applicator which mmm somehow disappeared … luckily.

Firstly all the eyeshadows are quite a soft texture which I found could pick up too much on the brush I used. My fix for the fall out that this created was to do the eye make up first then clean up underneath then apply concealer and foundation.


Sleek Au Naturel Palette 1-6

So when I look at the swatches above of the first row that I did across my arm they look terrible and I almost gave up there. When I got to put them on it was another story though. The first shade is a matte white and I use it for highlighting the inner eye or in the arch under the brow to give definition. It’s not completely opaque but that’s a good thing so it semi blends with your skin colour, a nice subtle highlight. I’m not sure what to do with the second in the palette it’s a greige (grey/beige) shade but there just doesn’t seem to be any pay off to the colour. For me the third and fourth are great matte natural warm skin tone shades for me and I really these but very similar, four is slightly lighter. Five is a light pink toned matte along with three and four they cover the spectrum for cool, neutral and warm toned skin. I really like six but I’m just not sure how I will use it yet it’s a pale white/pink and I love how it looks and has strong pigmentation.

Sleek Au Naturel Palette - swatch 7 - 12

These clearly swatched much better and has some interesting shades. Seven and ten are very glittery irridecent purple shades with ten being a darker shade , look bit tacky but I used 10 in the Purple Look below and worked perfectly as a cheat eyeliner. Eight is a golden olive shade that I know I have nothing like already with good pay off. Nine is a warm dark grey that I used as the crease colour for the Natural Look and the blended easily with shade three. When I swatched Eleven I was disappointed as in the pan it’s a dark purple but swatched was barely there but I had to test it out on my eyelid and was happily surprised as it came out so much stronger in use.  At last but not least twelve is a matte black and the above was done in one swipe so has strong pigmentation which is amazing for a drugstore palette.

The Natural Look

Sleek Au Naturel Palette - natural look

This is three washed all over the eyelid with nine in the crease on the outer half of the lid. This will be a much used easy eye look in the future.

The Golden Olive Look

Sleek Au Naturel Palette - olive look

This is eight and its all on it’s lonesome but is a good wash of colour without too much effort.

The Purple Glitz Look

Sleek Au Naturel Palette - purple look

This is Nine all over and blended up above the crease then I used ten with an angled eyebrow brush to create eyeliner for a more night-time feel which I really liked. Sadly the light disappeared before I could get photos like the first two looks as the purple is much brighter.