Simple Eye Duo Roll On & Balm

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My skin care routine turns over a new leaf at least once a month I like to try products and only if it is gets holy grail status will I stick with it. Simple is a well-known brand but these are the first I’ve delved into that I thought could help me out. I enjoy trying different things and seeing them through to the end. I find an empty tube, bottle or tub satisfying as I’ve given it a full chance to show its colours. When I got the chance to try my sisters spare No7 Protect and Perfect I really enjoyed it but at £16 for 7 ml I wanted to try to find something more budget friendly that I would be happy sticking with.

Simple Kind To Eyes Roll on Gel and Soothing Balm - mi

Simple Kind To Eyes  Revitalising

Eye Roll On – Mornings

Simple say – Our special blend of Simple revitalising goodness containing Pro-Vitamin B5, Cucumber Extract, Glycerin and Lupin Extract, helps to reduce puffiness and wake up and revitalise tired eyes.

This is a lovely easy to use gel, it has the steel ball bearing that I find really makes the gel cold so it’s a great way to perk myself up with. It contains no artificial perfume or colour and I haven’t had any reactions to it. I apply this in circular motions starting from my inner eye I go up over my lid and back under towards my tear duct. I got this idea from a Youtube facial massage video. It is meant to help clear away the liquid from around your eyes directing it towards the tear duct to flush it away. This I have enjoyed doing and it seems to help with puffiness in the morning. This isn’t going to keep the skin around your eyes hydrated all day but as a starting point it does well.

Simple Kind To Eyes Soothing Eye Balm – Morning and Night

Simple Says – Our special blend of Simple goodness containing Pro-Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter and Bisabolol, helps to reduce puffiness and relax tired eyes.

This I use to help hydrate my eyelids in specifically in the morning as I have a small patch of dry skin near the inner part of my eye and this keeps it from cracking and becoming sore. The balm isn’t thick like cleansing balm it’s a translucent shade with a mid texture between a lotion and a cream. I haven’t had any problems with this either and I go right over where my tear duct is and haven’t had any irritation. I use this one alone at night and it works to an extent but I cleanse as soon as I get in from work so I reapply it just before bed time. This would be an issue but it’s a 15 ml tube so has twice as  much product as the N07 Perfect and Protect eye cream did.

Final Simple Thoughts

This isn’t holy grail and the full effects of using this set didn’t become apparent until I got about 3 weeks into using them. They have slowly started clearing the dry patch up so I can see they are working for me. These would be a great set for someone who has only just gotten into a skin care routine and is building upon the basics or has sensitive skin this may work. Both are 15 ml so last a decent time I think I’m about 6 weeks in and roughly half way through. I will happily keep using these until then and consider trying out something new.

Simple Kind To Eyes Revitalising Roll On Gel 15 ml £4.99 (Superdrug)

Simple Kind To Eyes Soothing Eye Balm 15 ml £3.99 (Superdrug)