Sanctuary – My Winter Morning MandeLular Body Souffle

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So every morning Monday to Friday like clockwork I am up at 6.30 am. I use 5 minutes brushing my teeth, cleansing toning and moisturizing so I can have the rest of the time to dress get my caffeine fix and lunch for the day then chill for a whole 10 minutes in front of the TV watching the news ( I’m officially old I guess , I watch the news!) In this time I drink my coffee, take my tablets and just breathe but I’ve now got into the habit of getting the body butter out so my skin gets extra attention during winter.

Mande Lular

This is where MandeLular comes in, I don’t understand the name and say it wrong every time even in my head, but I understand the scent and the feel perfectly. It has this gorgeous smell that awakens my senses that little bit more and makes me want to use it all over. This has a light whipped gel feel to it that is super luxurious. I can’t believe I left this till last out of the set I had I think it’s my favourite. This is super hydrating for my skin and gets to work where I instantly feel better and can get my clothes on that bit faster to warm up on these freezing morning.

This can still be bought from Boots in a Triple Bliss Set  for £10 with 3 x 100 ml in them I haven’t tried the Cocooning Body Butter but I can vouch for this one and the Original Body Butter , it’s also in the Ultimate Moisture Trio for £15 and has 3 x 150 ml pots in it or you can just buy it on its own in a huge 475 ml tub for £11.