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My love for cinnamon rolls started when I first tried one at Starbucks. I know it’s far from perfect but I think that sugar hit got me through college! I always thought that if Starbucks make them that way then that must be how all cinnamon rolls were. Next I had them from Tesco, I know it’s massed produced before you tell me but you really can’t get cinnamon rolls “freshly baked” where I live. Even my fella has tried making them & however much I love the guy even he can’t get them right. So when I went to Manchester maybe last year sometime I think & went to Rollers I regretted not taking photos. So when we went a few weeks back I made sure I could share them at last in spirit with you.

Rollers Cafe - The Best Fresh Cinnamon Buns - choices

When I remember where this little café is it confuses my brain a little because the food feels authentic it almost lacks that atmosphere when you walk up to it. Rollers Cafe is in the center of Manchester in the Arndale Center just of to the left of the escalators on the Urban outfitter entrance. It feels so out-of-place but then again I guess the traffic through there means it’s as good as any place could be. Then again I’d know I’d rather the food be amazing & the place be clean than the decor be beautiful & the food be ok.

Rollers Cafe – My Cinnamon Roll

Rollers Cafe - The Best Fresh Cinnamon Buns

These are the best cinnamon rolls I’ve ever eaten. The sweet bread is soft & tears apart easily as you work your way to the center. The frosting is sweet but not sickly & is just the right amount to balance out the cinnamon. These are also still warm from being not only freshly baked but also made in the shop.

Rollers Cafe - The Best Fresh Cinnamon Buns - half eaten

Clearly I enjoyed mine, I also had a vanilla Latte that worked nicely with it to wake me up that morning!

Cinnamon Rolls – Freshly Made at Rollers

Rollers Cafe - The Best Fresh Cinnamon Buns - rolled

I’m almost 99% certain it’s a good thing I don’t live in Manchester because I know my jeans couldn’t handle it! When you can walk in & watch the staff making them on the front counter it just adds even more to the experience. I’m sure if I was blindfolded I could sniff my way back to that place!

Rollers Cafe - The Best Fresh Cinnamon Buns - trayed up

If you’re in Manchester & fancy something different to your usual Starbucks or Costa I really do think you should give Rollers Cafe a try. You can even get mini ones as a treat for later!

If you know of somewhere I can get fresh cinnamon rolls in South Yorkshire

please let me know in the comments below!

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