Lasting Finish By Kate Lipsticks 107 + 111

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So this is weird right. I’m 25 & I’ve never worn lipstick, never bought it & until now never entertained the idea of wearing it. I’m a lip balm queen because of the countless clichés with lipstick that have bugged me. Let’s see, lipstick on your teeth, lipstick smeared by kissing or simple wearing it a mile past your lip line. It’s not fool proof & it can cause me trouble I would have lived without. What’s changed is me, I want to wear it & so I will sure as hell find out what’s going to work for me. The clichés haven’t stopped but I’m going to start with a lipstick line that may help with some of these faux pas with Rimmel Lasting Finish. It doesn’t harm the fact that one of the most famous British models has her name on it too. Kate Moss of course!

Lasting Finish By Kate

Lasting Finish By Kate Lipsticks 107 + 111 - collage 2


When I went in to buy my first lipstick I did the daft thing of not jotting down the shade I’d seen that I had to have! In doing so I picked up 111 instead of 107. Not that I didn’t fix this error very quickly because I had no choice! To say it’s a drugstore brand Rimmel do great packaging that’s so eye catching. It’s plastic but in a bold matte red finish, it feels sturdy & has Kate’s signature across it in black to add a bit of glam.

Lasting Finish By Kate – 111

Lasting Finish By Kate Lipsticks 111 Rimmel

This is 111 and is very bright , I will have to really come up with something good for this to make it work. It is easy enough to apply just remember even though they are drugstore they are highly pigmented and this one is a bold shade. I love the semi – matte feel on the lips it’s dry but not overly drying in feeling. I’ve heard others say the texture is grainy but I haven’t found that it feel smooth and glides on easily. I do find it hard to do lipstick with my lip piercing but I’ve been making good use of the N07 Essential Lip Brush to make it a nicer edge. I’m going to have to invest in some lip liners I just don’t know which to get. As they are so pigmented be careful to keep an eye out as it’s not smudge proof so may need touching up or a bit of concealer for any mishaps.

Lasting Finish By Kate – 107

Lasting Finish By Kate Lipsticks 107

This is my favourite of the two and I’m loving the fact that it pairs well with a burgundy knit jumper I bought this weekend from New Look. I think this will get alot of use through easily into Winter. It’s strong but I like it against my pale skin it’s quite a contrast. I think I will wear it with more neutral eyes so the focus is on the lip colour.

Rimmel Kate Matte Lipstick rimmel printscreen 107

This isn’t so much anger I just think if they are going to put it on their website as a way to see how it will look then they should at least get the shades correct. This is a print screen of the Rimmel website, on the left is 107 on a model looking very pink on the right is clearly Kate Moss wearing what is a burgundy shade of lipstick and as you can see in the corner of the picture also shade 107. You can’t even say that if your screen settings are different it would change anything as it would alter both colours and they would still both look different. I think it’s hard enough to buy make up online when it comes to shades but then the brand themselves can’t even be bothered to get it right? It’s also one of the reasons I window shop on Superdrug and not Boots for main brands as at least 90% of the images are of  each shade of the product which is useful where as boots have a small circle that doesn’t even always look the right colour to products I already have.

Rimmel Lasting Finish By Kate lipsticks are £5.49

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