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Resolutions For 2016 – Ones I Can Keep?

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Yes it’s that time for clichés to appear on the resolutions lists but I think it’s a fresh beginning. Why shouldn’t we be able to start over & give ourselves the chance to grow a little more. I also think that you need resolutions so you can actually work out what you want in life. It’s not always the end goal we end up with but trying & failing is better than never trying at all. Self improvement is never-ending & giving up happens all the time. So when someone tells you they have their resolutions ready don’t pull that face ( you know the ‘not again’ one) try & support your friends, you may find it helps you too!

Resolutions For 2016

1. The obvious one. Loose Weight. Back On Pro Points. Start 4th January… after my Birthday seen as the only thing I’ll be opening this year is the cake box! Not that I’m complaining, there will be Instagram photos! Also don’t go into our local Co-op it only leads to buying chocolate, pizza or bread!

2. Conflicting with the first resolution each year I will come up with a unique take on my Birthday cake. Last year it was a Valerie Patiserie Framboise gateaux which was lovely. I feel like I’ve gone a bit more childish with this years but that’s what Birthday’s are for!

3. Try to write 366 posts this year! It’s a leap year & I’m being smart & not saying one post a day as shit always happens. I just want to get back into my blogging & I find it helps me get more creative, making me want to do new things. I also want to blog about more things but still with an underlying love of all things beauty related.

4. Try new food. I’ve spent so much of my life eating the same things over & over that it becomes boring & it’s part of my bad eating habits. Before I met my now Husband I ate even less variety. However I had a mini epiphany over Christmas & I just realised how stupid I was being. We had Pizza Express recently & Ross offered me some of his Polo Forza that has slices of smokes chilli in. I think his jaw dropped when I took it, I nearly died it was so spicy but I survived my mouth burned but the actual flavour was tasty. Any suggestions of things you think I should try let me know.

5.Try to go to sleep at a reasonable hour, I’m thinking 10pm more likely 11pm but not 2 or 3am! Also on a weekend get up between 6.30am & 7.30 am so it’s not so painful to do on a Monday morning. Get a real routine I can stick to.

6. Stick to my budget. I’m probably going to be having lots of no spend months.I’m trying to spend as little as possible on frivolous things. I have a mini weekend break to York coming up, my sisters hen do & then my sister’s wedding to save up for which is the first 6 months of the year. So I’m going to have to be more organised with money & things we can do for free!

So that’s my resolutions, I’m going to write them out so I can get back to you on how much I’ve stuck to them or not. I feel like getting married was just everything in 2015 when it came to my brain becoming a fuzzy mess. It was well worth it & I will be sharing a few photos soon. What are your resolutions this year?

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