Removes Makeup Quickly – No Panda Eyes Allowed

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Removes Makeup Quickly - No Panda Eyes Allowed

Is it just me that wakes up a goes to wash my face only to find yesterdays makeup has fallen under my eyes? Tiny specs of mascara that remains that I thought had been cleansed away. What I’ve been looking for is a fast solution that removed my makeup super quick.

The Micellar Water

This category will forever be ruled by Bioderma the first super hyped skin care product. It removes make up and allows for that first quick cleanse in a morning or to prep for the rest of our routines.

Loreal Skin Perfection 3 in 1  £4.99 250 ml

This was basically one of the first big UK brands to try to dupe Bioderma’s success. It’s slightly cheaper than Bioderma but very much available all year round here. For me this was pretty good to start off with but their all some flaws that irritate me. The bottle is badly designed and the hole in the lid means you end up soaking the cotton pad and usually spill it everywhere as it comes out too fast. It gets all my foundation and base makeup off cleanly but it just can’t handle eye makeup. On the odd occasion if I’ve gone straight to remove eye makeup first the excess has gone in my eyes and it’s stung. I only keep this now for correcting my makeup using a cotton bud.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water £4.99 400 ml

Now this one boasts 200 uses and I’m pretty sure that ain’t true. I’m not that careful when it comes to using exact amount. That in mind the bottle has been designed so you have control over it even with the bottle having twice as much in it. That makes it half the price of the Loreal version. It’s pretty much the same product but because it’s easier to use I pick this one up more when I’m having a lazy moment. I find if you use too much it foams a little which is odd to me. It does get most eye makeup off but the waterproof makeup takes longer. I don’t like being harsh on my eyes and it stings a little of it does get in them.

Just For The Eyes

Simple Kind To Eyes Makeup Remover Pads £3.99 – 30

These are really great for traveling with as they are just so compact. They are nice and moist so they have enough in them to clean eye makeup off. I tend to use two when it comes to waterproof makeup. They don’t drag but it can take a little bit of effort to be careful not to rub too hard. I had any problems with them stinging my eyes and on occasion have taken the rest of my makeup off using the other side of the pads. I like these because there’s no fuss or mess.

Nivea Double Effect Eye Makeup Remover £3.59 125 ml

I bought this on a bit of a whim because I liked the concept of a bi-phase product. You have a water and oil solution which makes it more effective at removing all types of makeup. Especially good for waterproof as the oil can break it down. In concept it does work and it removes makeup really well but it’s still flawed. The bi-phase means you have to shake the bottle to mix it and quickly pour it onto a cotton pad. If you’re not quick enough you get only one part of the solution. It’s near impossible to use, can anyone tell me why they can’t do it in a spray bottle like the Dove leave in oil conditions?

Oil Based

Loreal Skin Perfection 15 Second Miracle Cleansing Oil £7.99 150 ml

In my opinion I’ve saved the best for last, that being said it’s also the most expensive. Oil based cleansers break down the makeup so much better than other cleansers just in a general basis. I’ve had this as long as the Loreal Micellar water but only really started using it when I started blogging to compare it. Also about 50 ml from the bottle has been donated to one of my older sisters. In the hopes that we can move her permanently away from the face wipes.

Yes its oily and I do have dry skin but that doesn’t mean oily skin gals can’t use it. Oil cleansers won’t make you skin oilier. You need a few pumps depending on how much makeup you’re wearing. I usually add an extra for tough or waterproof eye makeup. Just rub this all over your face including your eyes. You will look like A. a panda, B. like some gave you black eyes or C. a poor attempt at a Halloween makeup. This is good as you can see the makeup being lifted off your skin. Taking a wet flannel wipe it away, the oil will turn into a milky consistency and come off with your makeup. This for me removes the most makeup however it takes more than 15 seconds and sometimes I go back in and do a second go over my eyes to get every single bit off but it beats the rest hands down.

In the future I’ll be repurchasing oil cleansers whether it’s this brand or another as it removes makeup much better than others.