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Recent Hair Care

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Since I started having my hair dyed about 6 months ago I’ve tried to up my hair care routine to help the red shade last longer. Some things work better than others but I pretty much use all the above at least once a week & it’s helping to keep up the health of my hair.

Toni & Guy Prep Heat Protection Mist

For a long time I’ve always used the travel size bottles of Lee Stafford because I simply liked the smell. In all honesty heat protection sprays are all the same to me except for packaging & scent. This one I tried for a change & it does smell lovely which if it’s going to be all over your hair I think it’s quite important. I can’t say the packaging is good as it’s a standard spray bottle which is too directed. I normally just spray it into my hand & distribute it through out the length of my hair with my fingers. However on the full size bottle it looks like it may have a better spray nozzle.

This is something I might buy the full size of – 150ml – £7.75

Percy & Reed It’s So Cool Heat Protection Styling Mist

I’ve always wanted to try Percy & Reed so when I saw it in T.K.Maxx I jumped at it. The packaging is just so swish & feels nice to hold. I think I paid £4.99 which I didn’t think was bad for 200ml, sadly it’s a thing of beauty more than anything. Don’t get me wrong it works as a heat protection spray as well as the next but the good part stops there. It’s not that it smells bad it’s perfectly fine to use but it doesn’t wow me at all. Think the equivalent of accidentally inhaling hairspray! I’m also disappointed that the spray on this is worse than the Toni & Guy one above. How they can call it a mist I have no idea.

When I saw this is £18 to replace I know I won’t be buying it again.

Boots Sectioning Clips

his may seem like an odd one to say it helps keep my hair healthy but just hear me out. I had these last year & in a mohawk hair dye day I managed to bin 3 out of the 4 of them. I replaced the quickly with a pack of cheap ones from Wilkinson’s, they were pretty awful. The didn’t grip enough & the teeth on the caught in my hair. I recently repurchased the Boots ones, why it took me so long I don’t know. The Boots clips actually make it faster for me to straighten my hair because they hold easier & don’t snag on my hair. I’m not having to second guess if ones going to fall out in front of my eyes while I still have straighteners on my hair!

I won’t be without these again not when it’s 4 for £2.70 , don’t realise how much you miss something until you get it back again.

Lee Stafford Argon Oil From Morocco Nourishing Conditioner

Another T.K.Maxx purchase from Christmas, I know it’s not all about smell but this was too good to pass up. It looks like any other conditioner but it does so much more. This is great when my hairs feeling like its knotted up when I’m constantly tying my hair back at work. I leave this on like a mask which does take longer to wash out I’ve found but it’s worth it. Few products make my hair look less frizzy after I leave it to dry overnight, this one does. It makes my hair soft & smooth, not perfect but much better than most do. I feel like it’s actually doing something good to my hair.

This is 250 ml – £10.99, when I finish it I want to try the Deep Nourishing Treatment to see if it’s any better.

Phyto Phytojoba Masque Express – Intense Hydrating Mask

Yep you guessed it another from T.K.Maxx, I know same old same with me but I have wanted to try Phyto for such a long time. I know it’s a more expensive hair care brand so I tested the waters with a hair care set. I’ve already shown you what I thought of the shampoo which is worth getting. I was a little annoyed you get such a small amount at just 50 ml but I have used this at least 4-5 times now & it’s got about half left in it. It’s a thick white cream which melts into your hair, doesn’t have much of a scent but I can forgive that. This gives me ” I got up & my hair was ready before I was” hair. It somehow leaves my hair wavy & a bit curly but smooth & the most defined it’s ever been. I can feel that it’s in a better condition & can see why you get less of it in the set.

At £24.50 for 200ml this isn’t a cheap repurchase but I’ll have to see if I can afford it when I finish this…

So you’ve seen the hair care that I’ve used, what are you favourites? I have dry damaged hair, what would you recommend?

Jess x