Real Techniques – Miracle Sponge v Buffing Brush

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Real Techniques - Miracle Sponge v Buffing Brush - mi 1

As far as beauty bloggers go the brand Real Techniques is pretty much-loved to death. We can’t get enough of Pixiwoo on Youtube , if you haven’t seen Sam & Nic in action I suggest you watch their tutorials. They’re sister’s who while gracing us on Youtube with their knowledge of all things make-up related launched a few years back their make-up brush line. It’s taken until now for me to give them the benefit of my ill placed doubt & I’m truly eating my words. The hype it true & of the ones I’ve tried up to now I’m impressed. I got to grips with the Miracle Sponge last year making my Loreal True Match finally work for me. Since starting a more dewy journey with my latest foundation love I have tried new ways to apply it. Fingers seemed like a no-no with this one as the coverage was too much. So I’ve compared for you below the Real Techniques Miracle Sponge with the cult blogger love the Buffing Brush.

Real Techniques – The Face Base Fight

Real Techniques - Miracle Sponge v Buffing Brush - mi

On the Left Hand Side – The Real Techniques Miracle Sponge

This is the budget version of the well-known beauty blender. Get this nice and wet and the sponge grows in size. Carefully squeeze the water out but be careful to keep your nails away from it as I wrecked my first Miracle Sponge that way! I like to apply my foundation to the back of my hand, spread it out on your hand then dab the sponge into it. Do this first on the flat side of the sponge for your all over face application. Spreading it on your hand first gives a bigger surface area on the sponge getting the foundation for a quicker & less wasteful application. Then you dab dab & dab some more across the face, this places the foundation on your skin. You may want to drag it but hold yourself back as this just creates streaks & moves the foundation and not letting it sit on the skin.

You get a light coverage to begin with but it means you can build it up slowly. This gives a super glowy finish to the skin, it’s almost like the water in the sponge is held on the face as well as the foundation. I like with the sponge you can use the pointed edge to get into those small spaces & contours of your face. The only down side to this is you do lose product inside the sponge. It can’t be helped but I think this is a great beginners foundation application because it’s hard to go wrong. This also it good if you find your primers roll & bunch up when you try to apply your base as you’re not moving it you adding on top of instead.

If you apply too much in one area you can keep dabbing it out or use a clean side of the sponge to partially soak excess up. Also I find the sponge once cleaned doesn’t quite dry overnight, I’ve heard you can microwave them which helps with removing bacteria but I haven’t tested this yet.

On The Right Side – The Real Techniques Buffing Brush

A much newer bought brush this has quickly had me picking it up more often. I’d suggest doing the same with your foundation by applying it to the back of your hand. Dab it in then in circular motions work from where you need most coverage & blend outwards. I think this takes more work to do as you do get some streaking to begin with especially the dewy foundation. I’ve used it with Revlon Colorstay & I was very impressed as it set very smooth with a higher coverage. That’s a thicker foundation so the application isn’t sheered out as much like the Miracle Sponge.

Once you work the dewy base in though you get a softer finish, it’s less light reflective as your actually buffing it into the skin. I prefer this finish as I’ve always liked the more demi-matte finish but you still get that lit from within look. I would like to mention that if you have very dry skin then this might not suit as you are doing buffing motions this can create micro exfoliation on your skin which could give a poor finish, so the miracle sponge would be better as you’re not disturbing the surface of your skin as much.I find when washing both you have less waste with the buffing brush, it’s quicker to clean & faster to dry. The other thing is this is only available as part of the Core Collection set so initially costs more but comes with 3 other brushes.

And The Winner Is?

I do think the dewy foundation has a big part to play with the skin like finish but you couldn’t pull it off without the right tools. I think it’s a tie for me, both work really well in their own ways but I guess it depends on the effort you want to make to get a flawless finish. I think you can get a fuller coverage with the buffing brush but a more seemless easy finish with the sponge. I think it depends on the foundation and the type of look your going for as to which way you choose each day. I know this hasn’t given a definitive answer but depending on your personal preference it may help you swing to one or the other.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge is £5.99

Real Techniques Buffing Brush in the Core Collection (with 3 other brushes) is £21.99

Which is your favourite of the real techniques base tools? Buffing or sponge or something completely difference I haven’t tried yet like the expert face brush and the new luxe Bold Metals Triangle Foundation brush?