Radiance? Superdrug Vit E Eye Cream

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Superdrug Radiance Vitamin E Eye Cream - product - Dupes Are A Girls Best Friend

When I came across this just before I moved home a few months ago I picked this up in Superdrug as a budget replacement for the No7 Perfect and Protect. The No7 one had come from my sister and I couldn’t afford to be spending that much at the time when you get 7 ml there and the Superdrug was 15 ml. That was the theory anyway…

This has all the keywords I was looking for on the package. It’s for normal to dry skin, it is high in vitamin e and it’s radiance boosting? Right? No…

Vitamin E Radiance Eye Cream Test

I used this happily for just over two weeks, day and night to really give it a chance. That was until I just couldn’t deal with the fact that if it got too close to my inner eye it would seem to slink it the crease. I didn’t notice this at first until I saw myself in the mirror at work and there were little stringy bits that had settled around my tear duct. Not pretty or fun as I then had to try to remove it. I’ve never had an eye cream do this before which it why it seems so strange to me.

How much radiance can it give?

As an eye cream it was actually alright it did drag a little while applying it but it kept the dry skin around my eyes hydrated through most of the day. Even when it went in my eye it didn’t sting or anything like that it just annoyed me. The problem came between the dark winter days passing and the spring forward. Normally I get up go to the bath room and get my skin care routine into motion. It’s not pitch black but it’s hazy even when the light’s on, I don’t pay that much attention on week days I’m just going to work. With the it was cheap thought in my head I was likely applying more than I needed then patting it further out to get it to dry in. On a few occasions afterward when I got outside my fingers look a little sparkly but the coffee hadn’t kicked in and I was half asleep and forgot. That was until my partner asked if I’d been laying with glitter…

When an estate agent says the house is cozy we all know that he’s really telling you you’re getting a mortgage on a shoe box. When a Superdrug Vitamin E Radiance eye cream says radiance what they really mean is we choked it full of glittery particles so you look like you heading to the skool disco!

Superdrug Vitamin E Radiance Eye Cream - collage - Dupes Are A Girls Best Friend

You know when you have that spark moment and go oh crap I looked like that for how long? It was kinda ridiculous not that anyone else had notice or more likely would have told me at work. It doesn’t look too bad above but in daylight well radiance… I’m freaking glowing! This is £2.99 I suggest spending it wisely on something else. I really should have known when the 14 reviews on the Superdrug site came to a score of 1.8 out of 5.

Even with this I’m tempted to buy the Naturally Radiant Brightening Eye Cream to see if it’s any better. If you have tried it please let me know. Maybe the clue is it’s twice the price but it is on offer at half price now. So £5.99 down to £2.98.

P.s It’s only the eye cream I’ve had issue with as I’m using the Vitamin E Intense Moisturizer and I actually really like that.