Pore Vacuum Mask No7

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N07 Pore Vacuum Mask Review - Product

If there’s one thing I have to deal with as much a spots it’s dealing with the pores that they live in. The pores on my nose are big and they cause so much trouble by the black heads that form in them. I can do a cover up with my Benefit Porefessional primer and fill them in which is a great temporary solution but I’m on a mission to find a way to clean and maybe even reduce the size of those pores. No7 have created a few product with this in mind and when I got a £5 voucher last month I went for the Pore Vacuum Mask by No7.

N07 Pore Vacuum Mak - On Skin

Isn’t that a lovely sight, I spend all my time in photos trying to minimise the attention to my nose and those evil pores only to go and cover it in a green sticky mask and add it to the internet. To put it bluntly this smells about a good as it looks it’s a strange herbal grassy smell. It says to use the pore mask once or twice a week on your nose and t-zone. Personally I’ve used it after I’ve had a bath which is every other day and have had no issue with it.

Isn’t this just another peel off mask? No

The Pore Vacuum – What You Can Expect From It

That green shade means you never have to wonder where you actually put it unlike most being clear.It’s much thicker and sticks in place , it does move a little while it dries but only very slightly.Yes it dries! Unlike most peel off masks it actually sets , you can see it turn a darker green shade and because it’s a bottle you can apply it just where you want it without wasting it.If you apply it too thin it will dry but it will flake and end up every where. If you keep the edges of the area you use it on clean and similar thickness all over it will come off in large pieces very cleanly, the only exception I’ve found is the bottom edge of your nose where you sometime apply concealer doesn’t always dry completely. As a warning this does pull some hairs out of your face so avoid eyebrows but if you wish to thin out any unwanted hair this does it gradually. I also find this a lot less painful than the pore strips to remove. You can use it where ever you want, I miss my t-zone out but do my nose and sometimes apply it to my chin. On the weekends when I straighten my hair I’ll apply this while I do and remove it an hour later with no trouble.

For me continual use has cleaned my pores out and reduced the number of black heads I seem to get. It’s not permanent but it has helped way more than the usual ones, they only bit I can’t agree on is any reduction in pore size. If I do I’ll let you know in whichever empties post this ends up in.

Will I repurchase ?

I think I might do, I’ve been looking into the Pore Minimising Serum and the Skin Deep Pore Purifier that accompanies it. Maybe a combo will work better but for now its cleaning and camoflaging those pesky pores.