Pore Minimiser? The Body Shop Tea Tree Primer

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Tea Tree Pore Minimiser Primer

Hi everybody hope the festivities are going well, mine have been quite busy which is why I disappeared last week. I’ve had to move my blogging / beauty room while we get our house sorted. But enough of that I wanted to tell you how I’ve gotten on with this primer. It’s from The Body Shop which I’ve tried a fair amount of their skin care but not delved much into the beauty side of thing. I guess for me this primer is a bit of a hybrid in the way that I use it. I loved the Tea Tree toner which I need to pick up again as I’m just not feeling the same about the Botanics All Brightening one. If you have any suggestions for another budget one please let me know.

Tea Tree Pore Minimiser Primer - product

Tea Tree & Pore Minimiser Primer?

I’ve used this on & off since I bought it mid June time. I tried this all over which if you’re not a fan of the tea tree smell then this probably isn’t for you. It doesn’t linger too long but just something to think about before buying. A big part of how I’ve used this comes back to not having the toner at hand. I used this as my primer in a way to give a barrier between my skin & make-up as much to improve the longevity of it. Whenever I think primer I always compare it to The POREfessional from Benefit. This one is more silicone in texture, almost greasy to the touch but makes the surface of your skin feel just as silky smooth with a demi-matte finish. What I can’t say is it’s as good as The POREfessional at pore minimising. When I apply it the yellow shade goes translucent so It doesn’t hide pores in that way. When I apply foundation it does sit better than without but not as well. The big difference however is the price The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser is just £7.50 compared with The POREfessional at £24.50 which if your pores are half as bad as mine The Body Shop primer would be a better place to start.

Would I repurchase?

If I ran out I don’t think I’d personally pick it up myself as my pores are so bad that it takes more to hide them. If you have spots often I do find I get less after wearing make-up if I’ve applied this first. It’s a two in one for me, a spot treatment & primer but pore minimiser not so much.

I’m tempted to try the Smashbox one as they have multiple primers and a new one specifically for pores. Whats you’re favourite pore minimiser?