Clinique Poppy Plum Blend

Poppy Plum Blusher by Clinique- At Last

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Clinique Poppy Plum Blend

Why did I need poppy plum blend?

The title “At Last” may seem odd but this post for me at least has been a long time coming. This was not just the first blusher I’ve owned but also one of the first expensive make up purchased I’d made on my blogging journey. I can honestly say I felt guilty about three seconds after buying it even though I had fallen in love with it. I saw it weeks before on Bloglovin and then again being Instagramed. I know the imprinted pattern across the product shouldn’t be the reason we want it but that with this particular poppy plum shade and I was sold. Before I go any further this is £26 which is kinda crazy for me but hey these things happen. Something I have noticed since is the actual shade poppy plum blend seems to always be out of stock but I did ask at a counter and was told it is part of the permanent line it just sells out more often than the others.

Clinique Poppy Plum Blend

Why do I love it so?

It barely looks like I’ve made a mark on this but I have used this when ever I wanted something a bit special or I wasn’t sure what blush to wear which was pretty often as it was all new territory for me. Luckily for me this gives a natural glow to my cheek without looking over done. I’m quite pale and if you are too I suggest being light handed when applying this as it’s highly pigmented. Poppy plum looks like a dusky rose in the pan but on it’s a warmer tone almost a perfect in between blush and bronze. This does have a pearlecent shimmer running through it, not glittery in the slightest but on the skin it adds a highlighting sheen so the colour isn’t flat. The actual powder is very finely milled and sits very smoothly on the skin as if it almost wasn’t there.

Now when I talk about the poppy plum blend and call it a blush it’s a little narrow as the directions from Clinique are:

• Use Powder Brush to pick up all or one shade of floral powder.
• Sweep over face and neck—even chest—for a natural-looking, all over glow.
• Or, spot-apply to highlight apples of cheeks.


There is no way when I bought this I would have ever considered applying this to anywhere but my cheek but now I think I would go further when the weather gets warmer. I’m fighting myself at the moment over the Illamasqua contour duo with it being so expensive but I think with it suiting pale skin this would be the next investment.

clinique poppy plum blend blusher

The low-key make-up set used

  • Mua Undress Your Skin in Porcelain
  • Mac Select Cover Concealer
  • Max Factor Facefinity powder
  • 2true Pro Lengthening Mascara
  • NYC Appelcious Glossy Balm
  • Natural Collection Eye Shadow in Crushed Walnut
  • Collection Single Shadow in Baked Bronze