Easy Home Made Pizza Recipe – Weight Watchers PP + SP

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Only a quick update, I’m pointing again & hoping I won’t fail (said everyone pretty much ever!). Instead of showing you everything I’ve eaten like I did previously, each week I’m going to give you meal options that won’t kill all your points at once. I need to lose more than a few pounds so I’m starting on a decent amount points so keep that in mind. This pizza is so easy that I’m going to be making them, normally my fella who is a whiz kid in the kitchen cooks but he’s decided after 7 years he will teach me!

Home Made Pizza

Easy Home Made Pizza Recipe - 16 Pro Points - 1


  1. Self Raising Flour
  2. Olive Oil
  3. Water
  4. Tomato Puree
  5. Mozzarella Cheese
  6. Sliced Ham
  7. Sweetcorn
  8. Sliced Mushroom
  9. Chilli Flakes


  1. Bowl
  2. Paper
  3. Table Spoon
  4. Spatula
  5. Tea Spoon
  6. Rolling Pin
  7. Pizza Baking Tray or Stone
  8. Grease Proof Paper or Reusable Non-Stick Sheet

We do our pizza on a pizza stone which we got at T.K.Maxx for £9.99 a Jamie’s Italian brand. They often have his range in but any will do, always check for any cracks in the stone as T.K.Maxx are usually older stock and this won’t be usable. If not one of the round baking trays with holes will work just as well. It’s made to be put in the oven first to get hot so when you put your pizza in the base cooks faster that the cheese melting on top. This gives the base chance to crisp up giving a more authentic feel & taste.

This pizza is about 11 inch and is for 2 people to share, it makes 4 slices each. You could do half this and make a smaller individual pizza for 1 or just as easily double up for more people.

1) The Oven & Base

Easy Home Made Pizza Recipe - 16 Pro Points - 2

Firstly before we sort the base the oven has to go on at 180 C or gas mark 4. Place the pizza baking tray or stone in the oven to heat up while we make the pizza. Now our scales died so we did this all in spoon measurements. We take 6 heaped table spoons of self-raising flour and put it in the bowl then make a well in the center. Place 1 table-spoon of oil in & then either 2/3 of a measuring cup or 10 tablespoons of water. Using your spatula or simply your hands mixing everything together. It will form a dry dough, at this point add a table-spoon at a time until it all comes together.

2) Kneading

Easy Home Made Pizza Recipe - 16 Pro Points - 3

Before you take it out of the bowl sprinkle flour on to the surface where your going to knead the dough. Using one hand on top of the other press against the dough to stretch it then fold in back on its self. Keep doing this until you can see it become smoother like the above photo.

3) Rolling Out To Size

Easy Home Made Pizza Recipe - 16 Pro Points - 4

Take a piece of paper bigger than your pizza baking tray and cut it to the same size in a circle. We used grease proof paper but it’s just for a basic measurement so you don’t roll the dough to big. The stone we use is 12 inch or 30cm, roll the dough with even pressure & keep lifting it and turning it to keep it as circular as possible. It won’t be & doesn’t need to be perfect it all tastes the same.

4) The Right Size

Easy Home Made Pizza Recipe - 16 Pro Points - 5

Keep checking with your paper guide until there is about 1/2 inch where the guide overlaps the dough.

5) Easy On Easy Off & Puree

Easy Home Made Pizza Recipe - 16 Pro Points - 7

Once you have your base the right size I transfer it to grease proof paper or what we now use is a reusable non-stick sheet. The reusable sheets are great as the pizza comes off after cooking really easy & it’s more cost-effective. Next squeeze some tomato purée on your base from the center outwards. Using the back of a teaspoon is best as it spreads it out thinly without messing the base up.

6) Toppings

Easy Home Made Pizza Recipe - 16 Pro Points - 9

For this pizza we used pre-sliced mozzarella as it  doesn’t need weighing out. We used about 6 slices torn up on top of the purée. Next I tore up 1/4 pk (100 grams) of ham, then sprinkled some frozen sweetcorn on next, then some drained sliced mushrooms & finished off with the rest of the cheese & a sprinkle of chilli flakes. If you like other veg on your pizza then add them too as they will be free on pro points. If you add other meat then you just add the extra pro points on.

7) In The Oven

Easy Home Made Pizza Recipe - 16 Pro Points - 10

This can be a little tricky as you now need to slice the shelf of you oven half out and lift the pizza on its grease proof paper on top of the pizza tray or stone. Use oven gloves or at least a towel as everything will be very hot. Slide the shelf back in and close the door. Cook for 10-15 minutes depending on your oven, if the base is crisp at the edge to the touch and the cheese is just starting to brown your there.

8) Out & Sliced

Easy Home Made Pizza Recipe - 16 Pro Points - 12

Taking pizza out of the oven is pretty straight forward as we take the shelf out & place it on top. This is easier than lifting the paper off the hot stone while half out the oven, we then can grab the paper easier and slide it off on to out cutting mat. The one we use is actually meant for stationary use but it’s just the right size for slicing pizza on without cutting the side up.

9) On The Plate, Let’s Eat

Easy Home Made Pizza Recipe - 16 Pro Points - 13

Not so much a step but a call to get it while it’s hot.

Pro Points – 1/2 – 4 slices

  • Self-Raising Flour 60 grams = 6pp
  • Asda Sliced Mozzarella 110 grams = 9pp
  • Asda Breaded Dry Cured Ham 50 grams = 1pp
  • Sweetcorn = 0pp
  • Mushrooms = 0pp
  • Tomato Puree = 0pp

Total = 16pp

Smart Points – 1/2 – 4 Slices

  • Self-Raising Flour 60 grams = 6sp
  • Asda Sliced Mozzarella 110 grams = 12sp
  • Asda Breaded Dry Cured Ham 50 grams = 1sp
  • Sweetcorn = 0pp
  • Mushrooms = 0pp
  • Tomato Puree = 0pp

Total = 19sp

What are your favourite meals you feel like you can’t have now that your dieting

or are on weight watchers pro points or smart points?

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