Philosophy At Bath Time – It’s Been One Week….

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When I think of a week going by it seems so small but to have not written at all during that time it feels like forever. I’ve moved in to what compared to the flat we had is like a mansion. It’s not in real life but I’m just not used to having space to do anything and that’s fine but I almost have fallen into adult territory. Anyhow the room I love is the smallest one but it’s the bathroom. Repeat Bath Room! Not had one of those for a long time as we had a shower in most places we’ve lived. The proof below was terribly photographed but I was half asleep at the time after moving boxes.

Philosophy Bath Time Bubbles


On to the important stuff I can now make full use of my Philosophy Cinnamon Buns 3 in 1 shower gel, bath foam and shampoo. As a shower gel I’ve already become addicted to it as I wrote here but as the ultimate bath time bubble  treat this is divine. The scent fills the room as the water heats up it smells like freshly baked cinnamon rolls just out of the oven. It gives the same softening effects making my skin feel moisturized as I get out of the bath just enough to keep me going before I find a body butter. It’s super foaming and I don’t need to used any more than I would if I had lathered it up on a body polisher. As you can see in the photo it looks like I’ve barely used this but it is a hefty 480 ml bottle and I’ve used it 90% of the time in the shower with the occasional swap out of my Lush Snow Fairy since Christmas.

Philosophy - Cinnamon Buns Shower Bath Shampoo

It also comes with a £14 price tag which for bubble bath sounds a lot but I have a feeling this will come up in an empties post some time around June if I used only this. So economically I think it will work out the same as me buying multiple cheaper ones and using more to get the same luxe bath treat. Maybe it will be in next Decembers empties if I use other bits in between…