Perricone MD Gentle Cleanser

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When I bought this in T.K.Maxx I was so excited over a cleanser it was a little ridiculous but how else would I ever afford Dr Perricone. I’ve heard so many times about the products that when give the chance to purchase this one at just £12.99 instead of £35 it was a bargain. Let’s just get over how luxe the packaging is a green frosted glass and has a pump too. This is beautiful but if your anything like me this gets quickly splattered with soap and occasionally tooth paste. This is akin to the Nars packaging beautiful but impractical to keep clean.

Dr Perricone Hypoalergenic Gentle Cleanser mi

A mild, non-detergent cleanser that is safe and effective for sensitive skin. With Olive Polyphenols, Tocotrienols, Neuropeptides and Green Tea Extract. – Perricone MD

Dr Perricone – What’s It Like?

This really does look like your applying olive oil to your face when you first pump this out. One pump doesn’t look much but it turns milky and does foam a little. To say this in gentle I can agree with but I did give it a try over my eye area and it did sting. Won’t do that one again! I don’t have particularly sensitive skin so I’ve made this my morning cleanser as I’m not expecting it to deep clean but to help remove any sweat from sleeping.This does the job & as with the packaging it all feels that extra bit more luxury than you drugstore brands. Over the last couple of months this has been the one I’ve use around 80% of the time and or at least a month day 7 night. I still have about a third left so it should last at least 3 month twice a day.

Even though I’ve used this cleanser happily with no issue at all it just doesn’t have that sparkle factor where I can see it making a difference. It’s not meant too and if I had more sensitive skin maybe no reactions would be a positive. For me though I could have used a drugstore cleanser and been non the wiser. This doesn’t put me of future Dr Perricone purchases but it would need to be something special to justify the price. The Murad one next to it (in above photo) is my night time cleanser and will be featured in the coming weeks.

Dr Perricone Hypoallergenic Gentle Cleanser is £35 for 237 ml / 8 fl oz