Patience Is A Virtue #fotd

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Patience Is A Virtue? For me this means very little but when it comes to makeup practice really does make perfect.I also have many piercings because I wanted them on that day & was close enough to a piercing shop that I would get it done. I still do things on a whim like the random shopping trip to Leeds that was a matter of are we going on the left or the right platform which was picked in a quick haste at the train station when we go there.

This is one of the reasons I rarely shop online, I hate waiting for things to come in the mail. I can’t wait for anything, if I do I get bored with it by the time it does come round I don’t want it any more. If I want something enough and can afford it then I will go get it, do it or find out how to. This has served me fine for  long time but I’m learning that patience really is better for me when it comes to purchases, trying make up and skin care out or just how life pans out in general.

Fotd - Patience Is A Virtue - mi

As I write this it’s hammering it down with rain just like yesterday. My makeup I wore did survive this for a good 6 hours, obviously I maybe only spent an hour of that outside with my umbrella.When I picked this out yesterday it was a matter of what do I want to get better at applying. I have make up I love and avoid out of knowing how long it took to apply or was such a pain and didn’t look perfect. I think I’m past knowing my make up will look perfect but still want to not look like I gave my face over to a child and told them to paint on it! I’ve also learnt that just because something is expensive it won’t always do the technical part and apply it’s self which sometime I wish a make up artist would pop up out of the box and do just that. Maybe it’s why I keep everything in the boxes in the hopes I’m Aladdin and I finally get my own genie, when I’m rich maybe…

Patience is a Virtue – When It Comes To Make Up

fotd - Patience Is A Virtue - make up

Base – This wasn’t really that much of a hassle since picking up the Revlon ColorStay in Buff. It’s a really light shade for the other pale gals out there and I’ve found it pretty fool-proof, not loving the lack of pump but I can live with out the bell and whistles as the formula just suits me. If you have dry skin you may want to pick it up as it is ticking all the boxes for me. My Mac Select Cover Up was used for concealing a few spots but I’ve got on with that one pretty well, I do like to rub it between my fingers a little before applying so i don’t put too much on one spot.

The confusing product for me was the Revlon Cream Blush as it’s the first cream based blush I own. Enchanted looks scary on the shelf as the rose-pink looks bold but you can sheer this out to almost nothing even if you over apply. When I first used this I didn’t know when to apply it or how. I’ve found patting two fingers together without two much pressure picks enough colour up and allows for slow application. It is hard to go far wrong and I use it on top of liquid foundation and below powder foundation for mainly good skin days. I finish off with Urban Decays All Nighter Setting Spray which I apply with a brush for an even finish, don’t do the four direct sprays like it suggests as it just goes everywhere badly.

Eyes – I’m really getting into my Smashbox Always Sharp Liner which does not budge if its hot and humid or pouring it down with rain. It was all three yesterday, when I got this it took cotton buds and repeatedly putting the lid back on to get the point back. Now I can do this in a minute for both eyes. I still need a cotton bud for a little touch up but not to fix the entire line.I went with my now trusted Revlon PhotoReady 3d Volume mascara which at first the very spikey wand felt harsh. If you slow down a bit you won’t poke your eye out like I did the first time I used it ending in panda eyes. It’s just right consistency not too wet and really is blackest black shade. I finished off with a little of the bronze shimmer shade in the crease from the Mua Heaven and Earth Palette to add a little depth to my eyes. I’ve left out Eyebrows as I use the Natural Collection eyeshadow in Crushed Walnut every single time for me it’s fool proof now.

Lips – As a girl I felt like the only one who couldn’t apply lipstick until I went to a hen do which was set as a 1940’s theme. Basically everyone turned up with victory rolls and the red lips. By the end of the night the tea cups were all stained and pretty much everyone agreed they didn’t bother with lipstick on a day-to-day basis it was too much hassle. For me it;s why I 90% of the time pick mattes I like the to last.The Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte is my favourite by far but it bled the last time I used it and kinda avoided it until yesterday. I think I over worked it last time trying to get perfectly shaped lips. Yesterday I did it quickly, no lining my lips as a guide and it looked good and it didn’t bleed. I did use the Top Shop Lip Liner in Deception but as a way to darken the Razzberry shade by blending it in on top. At one point I had a piece of dry skin on my lip I kinda pulled of carefully and re applied my lipstick over it and it looks just fine.

You can’t be good at everything the first time you get something which is why some reviews take longer than others for me. I like to know that I’ve tried out every way of using it before I give up on something. Partly because I paid for it I want it to work and because then I can pass that little bit of knowledge on that to you. Patience really is a virtue which I will someday get too but we can only try.