Party Makeup & What I Could Have Left At Home

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It’s not all that often I end up at a party these days so when I do I almost go a little overboard picking out what makeup to wear. I still haven’t the finesse for a 5 product travel set & instead opt for more possibilities than anyone needs. However what I did use would class as party makeup than even the novice makeup wearer could manage. I’m all about choosing fool-proof products when I’m away from the comfort of multiple different makeup removers & endless cotton buds to fix eyeliner!

What I Took

Overnight Party Makeup Bag

As to cover all my bases I took two foundations, I nearly used the Mac Studio Fix Powder but I sometimes find it hard to get a perfect base. I have large pores & powders don’t always cover them up but if I had less time then I’d have used it. I was all for a matte lip & brought a New Look Lip Crayon & Liquid Lipstick both in Pink along with my The Balm Meet Matte Hughes in Adore. However since going blonde I’m finding lots of things look too bold against my pale skin & blonde hair. I also decided against something that could even possibly smudge because you know, party time equals food & drink! With that I had no need for the Loreal lip liner or Clinique All About Lips. I had a second brow product I need to write about  it’s the Loreal Brow Artist Sculpt Plumper but I just can’t make my mind up about it.

Party Makeup

Overnight party Makeup Bag - dupesagirlsbf


My new favourite combo for my base starts with Rmk Creamy Polished Base which is expensive for a primer at £28 but after trying a sample (see post) I fell in love with. I use this on weekends where I’m aiming for a flawless base that will last longer than normal. I then go in with Mac Mineral Moisture foundation which is heaven for dry skin applied with a Beauty Blender. I love a sponge blender for giving me a perfect base, it takes longer to apply but is worth the effort. I’m still deciding if the original is that better than the dupes, is it worth spending £16 on? It’s the cleaning that makes me only use them on specific occasions, too much effort. When I apply a medium to high coverage foundation I always wear blusher because it gives shape back to your face. I love this Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush because it somehow adds colour seamlessly like it’s part of your skin.



My brows are still Mac Brow Pencil which seems to have lasted me forever, unlike many reviews hasn’t crumbled & I do travel with it. It fills it missing bits & helps me even out the more blonde sections of my brows the appear in the Spring. For my eyes I picked my Max Factor Excess Shimmer Pot in Copper because it’s easy to work with & can be as subtle or as bold as you feel like. I just dip the tip of my Mac 217 brush so it barely makes a mark in it then sweep it over the lid & crease. My eyes are hooded so I go above the crease so when my eyes are open it looks like I have more lid than I do. I can build this up to a strong sparkle, I prefer thin layers as it lasts longer & get less creasing this way. I also use my Essence Angled Eye brush to apply the same shadow as eyeliner. I just push it into the lash line & if I mess up a little all you have to do is go back in with your eyeshadow brush & blend it back in. There’s much wiggle room & time for altering it that makes it great for all makeup lovers. Last but not least I wore Benefit’s Lash Primer as Mascara. It has enough colour to make my lashes be seen but doesn’t smudge down my face after dancing. I wish this came in a black version because the other’s I’ve tried always run off my bottom lashes when it get’s too warm!


If I’m playing it safe I always go for something than doesn’t matter too much if I do want to eat or drink. I also like to be able to top it up without it going funny on my lips which some mattes can do. I went with Clinique’s Pop Lip in Nude. It’s a hybrid lipstick & primer in one & I’ve really come to love it. It’s on equal par but with more colour than the Lancome Juicy Shaker I can apply them both super fast without making a mess.

So that’s my easy party makeup look, there are a few new bits but many of these are long time loves I’ve gone back to time & time again. What are your go to products?

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