Over packed, Overnight Stay & Brandon Sanderson

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I don’t think it’s a side of me I’ve hidden but also not shown much of either. I love reading but don’t make enough time for it either. I get half an hour at work for lunch and that’s when I disappear into my kindle. When Ross mentioned that Brandon Sanderson was going to be doing a reading and signing of his latest but, the one I’m half way through now Stormlight Archive Two – Words Of Radiance I knew we had to go. Originally we chose the Leeds day as it was closer but on Tuesday I took a chance and called Waterstones and they had tickets so I called my fella and told him to get packing. It was all last-minute and even booked a hotel that day and headed to Manchester instead.

This is why we went but that’s not the fail , that was my lack of organisation quickly throwing in makeup I thought I’d need. Yes, need? In the end I took way too much stuff that just cause my bag to be even heavier. Below is what I took with me and then further down is what I’m pretty sure I could have lived with.

Over packed, Overnight Stay & Brandon Sanderson 2

Over Packed – What I didn’t need!

Mac Select Cover Up Concealer – As it if wasn’t hot enough I just didn’t need another layer on my face so this didn’t even get used.

Brushes – Only two got used and the rest was just more room in my bag taken up, they just weren’t needed.

Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil – To begin with I didn’t bring a sharpener so it was blunt and hard to get a smooth line. It was way too dark and vamp for a book signing just wasn’t fit for purpose. Would have been fine if I’d taken the shade Sex Machine rather than Damned. See links to see why.

Essence Eye Pencil – Don’t take things you’re not confident will work! I’d only had this a few days and didn’t even take a back up in all that make up. Way too glitzy, same as above not fit for the look I wanted.

Clinique – All About Lips – Took this and I did use it but then realised I wasn’t going to wear Damned or any lip colour so wasn’t necessary.

Mac Prep and Prime – I decided I was gonna take a primer so I went with the smallest I had. Can’t really tell it did anything so was pointless. Will give in another try but not likely to be bought in full size.

Tweezers – Why I picked them up I’m not sure , guess it was a fear I would have a stray brow and not be able to do anything about it. Stupid really as I didn’t use it and it wouldn’t have been the end of the world if there had been one.

Garnier Roll On – I bought this in Light 02 which is bang on my skin tone but I wanted it to illuminate a little under my eyes and this just blended in. Very smooth and blended on the skin well but didn’t give the effect I was looking for.

Benefit Lemon Aid – This is a fine base but wasn’t needed as I hadn’t done anything complex that needed that extra grip that it gives.

Over packed, Overnight Stay & Brandon Sanderson

Over Packed – What Worked!

Mac Studio Fix Powder, Eco Tools Blush Brush, Clinique Poppy Plum Blend & Urban Decay All-Nighter – These work perfectly and it’s near impossible for me to screw my base up with them together. The wrong primer could but the Mac Prep + Prime was fine underneath this. They are a good summer mix as the Mac powder evens everything out, the blush adds a little colour back and the setting spray does just that and stops my face being too powdery. Links to more details above in title.

Revlon Volume 3D Mascara,Clinique Moisturizer, Essence Shadow in Blockbuster & Mac 217 brush – This is a simple and easy eye makeup. The mascara is blackest black and doesn’t clump with one coat. My eyeshadow was kept simple and the brush is perfect for laying some colour down but could have been any or even just used my finger but I forgot my Mac Cork shadow otherwise it would have more useful.

Malin & Goetz Lip Moisturizer – This is a clear gel that keep your lips moisturised and was perfect for reapplying as the heat really dries my lips out.

Mac Eyebrow pencil – Perfect for travel it made brows quick to fill in and lasted through the day. Beats having to take a brush and shadow but I have heard these can run out quickly but too soon to tell.

Over Packed But Was It Worth It?

This was one of those things where it was meant to be a relaxing day off work. I have to say meeting Brandon Sanderson was epic, he’s seriously funny, interesting to listen too and its great to find out a little of how he sees the world including the ones he imagines. If you like fantasy or want to try some I’d go with Elantris or Warbreaker as they are much shorter bite size piece of his work. For the more hard-core readers The Stormlight Archive’s are so amazing you’ll be addicted just like I am. My only problem is even I’ll be finished before the 3rd book is out and I just could carry on reading his work forever.

I did get some shopping done as well and that will be coming up on a haul maybe tomorrow, depends as I am knackered from walking around Manchester multiple times.