Off Topic – Ben and Jerrys – Peanut Butter Ice Cream

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So I have to admit this was eaten before I went on my health kick so it wasn’t point at the time thank freaking hell. But I just had to share this one with you as I was a little inspired to when I read Through The Looking Glass And Down The Rabbit Hole’s post on Royal Cassis Milk . She shares a lot of food posts and even though most of it can’t be found in the UK I still enjoy reading it.

Ben and Jerrys Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream

There are two things I know while pointing that I will rarely be able to get away with and at the same time will miss the very most. One is cinnamon based foods i.e Starbucks Cinnamon Rolls (13 pp)  and Cinnamon Sugar pretzels (12pp) and Peanut Butter ie Reese’s Cups (3 for 7pp) and especially even more so this ice cream (100g is 9pp).

 I love the Ben and Jerrys spades you can get from the cinema stands and the latest that changed colour when it’s cold is awesome but I always eat it with a long-handled tea-spoon so I can savour the devilishness and not end up with stick fingers.

This is better than Reese’s, now I’m guessing that the peanut butter chunks aren’t by them as they haven’t got there name on the tub along with Ben and Jerry but the ice cream is what really makes it. The ice cream it’s self is pure peanut butter mixed in to it to create a smooth ice cream but with little tiny grains of peanut running all the way through it. There’s enough chunks running all the way through it as you work your way down.

Mmmm. Does this replace my favourite Ben and Jerry’s that is mint choc chip…? Well no. Only because by my standards I can only get through half the tub before it gets a little too sickly and mint choc chunk I could eat indefinitely if it did wreak havoc on my waist.

This will be something I will treat myself to again eventually.