Nuxe Men – Mans New Best Friend

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Nuxe Men Gel Douche Multi-Usages - MI

Lets just get this straight, I spend alot of time blogging about many different beauty brands and who ends up trying Nuxe out first… my boyfriend! We’ve all heard of the Nuxe Rev De Miel Lip Balm but there’s also a well selected mini range named Nuxe Men.

I really do believe when it comes to beauty the hardest part can be getting someone to just try something out. With so many drugstore brands most men wouldn’t even think never mind dream of spending a little extra on themselves when it comes to body and skin care. Me persoanlly I prefer the look of the packaging on the mens range as opposed to the womens it some how looks sleeker and more together.

What Nuxe Men says

With its coconut-derived cleansing base and physiological pH, this multi-use shower gel will gently cleanse your face, body and hair in a single step. Ultra gentle surfactants extracted from coconut, corn and sunflower will clean without drying out the skin. The skin is left clean, supple and soft, and the hair is soft and shiny.

The fragrance, a cocktail of essential oils (cedar, patchouli, geranium, vetyver), boosts energy and leaves a fresh sensation, whilst Oak and Hornbeam extracts repair the skin’s barrier function.

What my guy thinks of Nuxe Men?

This multi-use product means you can wash face, body and hair. It’s got a mens scent that is more neutral and comfortable that he can carry smelling it for a good few hours after use. On the body this cleans really well without making it feel stripped or itchy, he has sensitive skin and had no reactions to this in any way. His favourite use for this is on his face, for all you bearded men that can’t get hold of a good beard shampoo this not only cleans it but makes his beard soft after using it. Which is a pro for the guys and the ladies too. He has washed his hair with this as well and likes to use this occasionally as the scent hangs around longer. This is a 200 ml bottle so makes this a very well priced product we can afford to replace as needed. From what I can tell he’s used about a 50-70 mls in two weeks so a full bottle should last between 6-8 weeks depending on if you use it for 1 or all 3 uses.

If you’d like to pick this up Nuxe Men Multi-Use Shower Gel can be bought in store or online at Marks & Spencers for £8.50