Deep Pore Purifier – A No7 Cleanser

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I guess that’s a strange remark to make about a cleanser that I only use it in the bath but it’s really not as weird as it may sound. The N07 Deep Pore Purifier is a bit of an odd one because of how you apply it using the tube itself to clan your skin with. It’s for all skin types but I think it’s going to be very Marmite you’ll either love it or hate it.

N07 Beautiful Skin Deep Pore Purifier

The thing about this cleanser than separates it from the rest is the rather strange applicator. I didn’t buy it knowing it was like this I had just used the N07 Pore Vacuum Mask & loved it. I’ll begin with something most of you gals will want to know it has SLS (Sodium laureth sulfate) which is a foaming agent. This may put most of you off but if it you don’t react to it then it might be still worth a try. The concept is you twist the head round unlocking the gel inside the tube. When you squeeze the tube it comes out of a tiny hole in the center of the head full of round bobble bits. I get my face wet first then using the head flat to my skin in circular motions apply it. This foams the gel up a bit but not excessively.I use this just where I get spots the most which is my t-zones & lately the outer edge of my eye brows which is super annoying.

The No7 Cleanser I Only Use In The Bath - The Deep Pore Purifier - mi 2

The reason I only use it in the bath is that it suggests to only do it twice a week. I think this is because of the exfoliating action the head creates can be accidentally over done. I really couldn’t use this anywhere else other than the bath as it’s so time-consuming. I’m not a person to stay sat still for a long time without my brain ticking away wanting to do something else. I find that it gives me something to do in the bath while still being able to relax or as close to it.

Dose it work?

I like this one because it’s great at helping to clear the black heads from my nose. It doesn’t work as well for me on my chin but it does help a little. The little bobbles of plastic gt right down into your pores making it rally ffct but I wouldn’t say it helps shrink them which it claims too. It has a bit of a funny clinical smell to it which just so you know tastes fowl if it gets on your lips! I can imagine that it could be seen as unhygienic  but I don’t find it a problem as you can twist close the lid & wash it. I also thought that 50ml was very little compared with most facial cleansers but you use less than a 5 pence piece worth at a time. I still have at last half left of mine so it really does last for a long time.

No7 Beautiful Skin Deep Pore Purifier £12

Would you use a cleanser in something that looked as odd as this does? What’s your favourite way to cleanse you skin? Last but not least I have a Giveaway going on at the moment, it’s UK only but you can win a Bobbi Brown Lipstick of your choice. It runs until 31st May 2015!