Nivea Hydrating Primer – Pros and Cons

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Nivea Hydrating Primer Pot

I’ve been in a bit of a face base dilemma ever since I bought Macs Matchmaster foundation. At first I thought it was the foundation that was the problem but tried it with another and had the same issue. It was actually down to my choice of primer and it’s compatibility with the silicone in it. Sadly this included my Benefit Porefessional Primer as well so neither would suit the foundations I’m enjoying using right now.

Instead I decided to go down the moisturizing primer route and picked up the Nivea Hydrating Primer while it was on offer. This comes in a thick glass jar with a plastic screw on lid but it doesn’t feel like it would break easily but not travel friendly in the slightest. This is also silicone based as I discovered after purchase, the problem is when using these primers as a base for water based foundations it causes it to literally roll back off your skin in small clumps. I had a little success with leaving the Nivea primer to sink in by using it after my morning skin care routine instead of my usual moisturizer. This helped but then you have to try judging if you’ve left it long enough and if not then it’s a matter of starting all over again.

Nivea Hydrating Primer


The version I choose was for dry and sensitive skin, it’s got the classic Nivea fragrance which on my face to begin with was a little too much, I haven’t reacted in any way to it so in that way it should be okay for sensitive skin but it didn’t seem to improve dry patches enough and were visible when I did manage to apply foundation. I know the Mac foundation isn’t great for dry skin to begin with but I had hopes it would help it.

It is suggested on the box that it can be used as a base on its own when not wearing make up and it is moisturizing but to me on a normal skin type it would suit more .The gel like texture is strange and feels odd but I did prefer this to a normal moisturizer. It does make the skin feel smooth and soft to the touch. This is all well a good but it just wasn’t fit for the purpose I had in mind.

This may well work with silicone based foundations so I will be keeping hold of it and when I find a foundation that is I will give it another try so hopefully I’ll find a use for it. If you’d like to give it a try it’s a 50 ml pot for £4.99 at Superdrug or Boots.

As for a primer I can use with water based foundations I think I’ll have to stick with a good moisturizer.