New To YouTube? Subscribe to These Beauty Channels Pt2

When I first got into blogging a big part of my inspiration was found on YouTube. There are many tutorials out there but time & again these channels bring the good stuff. I still delve back into their older videos for make-up looks, skin care tips or when I just need a new way to wear my hair. This is the second 6 as I’ve included a video from each to get you started off with. The first 6 are below these on my main page if you fancy checking those ones out too. There are many more YouTube channels out there but you may as well start off with some of the best.

The Top 12 YouTube Beauty Channels You Should Subscribe To

Lilly Pebbles

This is one of my favourite YouTube girls, she has lots of product knowledge & as you can see above isn’t afraid to speak her mind on things that just didn’t cut it. I’ve got to say she’s grow on me & I think her vlogging has made her even more likable. She makes me want to be a better blogger because you can really see all the time & effort that goes in to what she does, she’s doesn’t do anything in half measures.

Lisa Eldridge

Another make-up artist in her own right she has a technical eye that makes following tutorials easy. Anything from Weddings to her recent Japanese inspired look  you get lots to choose from. They also include the make-up she loves & has great videos on choosing foundations that are classics to learn from. Also I can’t leave it without saying she’s now the Creative Director for Lancome which just shows how well she’s doing.

Miss Budget Beauty

I love YouTube but theres a massive shortage of Northern YouTube channels compared to London. Miss Budget Beauty however is one of them, she’s down to earth & has one of the most extensive make-up collections I think I’ve ever seen. This is a good one for those new to beauty & want to start at the more affordable end of the beauty brands. That been said she also has her Diary Of A Spendaholic channel if you want to find a treat for your self that’s worth buying.

Lets Makeup

If you want some more interesting daring make-up tutorials then this is the woman you need to follow. If you can’t help but love an Irish accent then you’ll love listening to her talk about make-up. An interesting perspective as she can get hold of many beauty brands you can’t get as easy in the UK. However if your happy to order online then this makes her even more useful to watch.

Vivianna Does Makeup

Vivianna is quintessentially the UK girl next door you dream you could be. She has the hair, the make-up & the fella too in her weekly vlogs which are addictive to watch. See her easy to do everyday tutorials & great use of space with her capsule collection wardrobe pieces.

Zoe London

Need something a little bit more alternative in taste then this is the one to watch. Last but certainly not least because she has it all. The brilliantly bright hair which changes often, the band vlogs & the most out there make-up tutorials making even the boldest of lips a wearable look.

So that is all of them folks until I find some more great YouTube channels. If you want to recommend any or think I’ve missed any off the list then please comment below. Other than that have a great weekend x

Jess x

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