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New To YouTube? Subscribe to These Beauty Channels Pt1

When I first got into blogging a big part of my inspiration was found on YouTube. There are many tutorials out there but time & again these channels bring the good stuff. I still delve back into their older videos for make-up looks, skin care tips or when I just need a new way to wear my hair. This is the first 6 with the next 6 tomorrow as I’ve included a video from each to get you started off with. There are many more YouTube channels out there but you may as well start of with some of the best

The Top 12 YouTube Beauty Channels You Should Subscribe To


Nic Haste ( above) & Sam Chapman have been making make-up tutorials for a long time & always wowing me with the extent of their artistry. However complex they break each step down into manageable pieces we can all do ourselves.

Sali Hughes

Make-up artist known for her articles in The Guardian ( which are well worth reading) & her YouTube channel full to the brim with knowledge. There can’t be many products she hasn’t tested out & given her opinion on. My most loved are the In The Bathroom series where she gets to interview many famous women & then have a look through their bathroom to see what they use themselves.

Caroline Hirons

Let’s put it this way what she doesn’t know about skin care isn’t worth knowing! A skin care consultant & facialist who has worked with 100’s of brands globally. No fluff just good straight talking says how it is & tells you whats best for your skin. That & doesn’t often edit her videos making it always fun to watch!

A Model Recommends

Ruth Crilly is model extraordinaire, full of wonderful reviews for make-up,skin care & especially hair care. The model behind the CoLab dry shampoos she just seems to be doing it all & living the dream! Lovely to watch especially when she & the above mentioned Caroline Hirons film together it’s a hilarious duo.

Fleur De Force

Fleur is your style guru on YouTube, she has a little bit of everything going on including her own book The Glam Guide. Not being a natural blonde means she can give you the tips to keep your hair in top condition along with beauty tutorials to swoon over.

Essie Button

The beautiful Estee is better known as Essie Button online & is all kinds of awesomeness ( yes it’s a word I’m sticking with)! You get beauty videos in abundance with lots of unique little quirks including her #buttonsbookshelf book reviews making her a great all-rounder. Don’t forget to check out her vlog channel as well which includes her partner Aslan if you want a romantic modern tale that did come true then those two are it.

Now these are only the first 6 with another 6 to follow on tomorrow. In the mean time if you have any YouTube recommendations please comment below & let me know. Hope you have a great weekend, we have what seems like endless rain here at the moment!

Jess x

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