New Look Pure Colour & Other Budget Bits – Part 1

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New Look Pure Colour & Other Budget Bits - Part 1 fotd

When I see a new range out I can’t help but get a little excited. On the other hand I’m always wary about what a new brand can really bring to makeup that hasn’t been done already. I wasn’t all that interested in New Looks range to begin as the Kelly Brooks range didn’t suit me. When I made an online order recently I popped a few bits in extra to give them a try. I’ve split this post into two as it’s going to include mini reviews of everything I’ve used in the photo above. Everything is along the drugstore price range between £1.99 and £12.49. This first post will focus on eyes and the second base & lips.

New Look Pure Colour and Other Budget Bits - Part 1

The Eyes Have It

New Look Pure Colour Eyeshadow in Chestnut Brown £3.99

This was the first thing that tempted me as I just can’t get enough of copper & bronze shades. The packaging to me screams a cheap version of Mac not quiet as sleek but is solid enough to stay in one piece. The surface is embellished with diagonal lines which add a little something to it. Between the shade in the pan and the colour transferred but it’s still a nice shade. It’s a shimmery copper shade which you can pack on well or less for a softer look. The shimmer includes glitter but its super fine and the shade blends well to give more of a multi dimension colour. I liked how easy it was to blend out but there was some fall out I fixed with my Real Techniques sponge.

No7 Eye Colour Brush £7.25

I used this to pack colour on to the lid which it does well. I then use the flat rounded edge to slowly shape how far up I want the colour to go. I always go a little past the crease as my eyelids are hooded so this gives a bit more wow. This has also become my go to brush for getting a fine line of eyeshadow under the eyes as well.

New Look Pure Colour & Other Budget Bits - Part 1 eyes

No7 Blending Brush

I’m not sure the names correct but I think they still do this one. I think I may have had this about 7 years so even I’m surprised it’s lasted. It’s a little worse for wear but is still hanging on. This is basically my budget version of my Mac 217 but with a more rounded shape than the oval 217. I don’t know if it’s called the blending brush but it’s what I’ve got most use out of it for. I think this was replaced with the No7 Blend & Contour brush ( £7.25).

Beauty Uk Twist Pencil in Black £2.49

The product in the pencil isn’t half bad. It’s decently opaque and goes on quiet smooth but the actual packaging is pants. The product is very loose from the plastic case so when you twist it up it wobbles. This makes it fiddly & sometimes it even twists back down while you’re trying to apply it. When I do get it to work though I did manage to get a pretty fine line. It did fail rather quickly in the waterline so that was pointless too.

Maybelline Great Lash Big £4.99

So just to start with the link for this is the right one, every time I’ve mensionsed this one it seemed like it didn’t exist. This is just like the original Great Lash which I’ve been a long time fan of. This one has a bigger brush & seems a little more clump free,it’s the first mascara I’ve felt like I can build up past one coat without clumping. I used this recently for a makeup free makeup photo for a rail card & it looked natural on my blonde lashes.

Top Shop Brows in Brown £6

This was a random pick up after I bought the Eyelure crayon one (which F.Y.I is awful). It was on the hopes of replacing my Mac brow pencil for something cheaper when I finish it. This is pretty much the same shade as Macs Lingering but in a pencil you have to sharpen. It’s a lot softer in texture which I’m still borderline on how much I like this, I definitely prefer the Mac but I could work with it. I do like the Spoolie end of it as it really tames them well & makes using the pencil easier for filling sparse areas.

I’d love to hear your favourite brow products as I’m still at a loss to find the perfect one for me.