Never Forget The Lip Prep

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If my mornings are anything to go by its a mad dash to get my teeth brushed, clean my face & find clothes. I’d apply moisturiser as my last thing but never bothered to remember to protect my lips. It winter they get dry & chapped & summer can be just as bad. I have so many lip balms in my house it’s borderline ridiculous but would often forget to put one on. I thought this was my lip prep complete but I discovered this product & can’t go without it.

Lip Prep – Get Scrubbing

As much as I applied lip balm often when it got to the weekend my lips sometimes still felt rough. It would be a pain to try to get it on neatly but then find it looking patchy or bumpy. This was even more so noticable with matte lipsticks which are the least forgiving lipstick finish. I love mattes as they last but it’s the lip prep underneath that makes the most difference.

I had seen lip scrubs but never thought I needed one. Luckily over Christmas I had a smell of this Lush Santa’s lip scrub which was enough to get me to buy it. In a very similar fashion to sugar scrubs for your body this helps to rub away the dead skin leaving behind the new smooth skin underneath. It helps that this one is cola flavoured so it’s a little less boring than most.

Lush Lip Scrub

We pretty much scrub every other part of our bodies so why not our lips?

Santa’s Lip Scrub

This one has caster sugar (the exfoliator), extract of cherries & dates which with other essential oils actually gives in a cola taste just like cola bottles in my opinion. It’s quite thick with a dry texture when you first get it out of the jar. That’s a little annoying as it usually ends up under my nail but when your done water will dissolve it easily enough. Once I’ve apply it I then rub my lips together to exfoliate them. The dry texture disappears & you can feel the oils help make it move easier. Once I’m done I just use a bit of water to remove it.

I don’t think you have to buy this one specifically but it’s a great treat & something a little more fun than the ones I’ve seen. I keep meaning to make my own lip prep scrub & I think I will give it a go.

I swear I just can’t, no won’t apply lipstick without using a lip scrub first. For those who are just starting to wear lipstick this takes half the battle out of it. Getting an even smooth finish is so much simpler now. Do you love lip scrubs or now willing to try them out?