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My Spring & Summer Foundation Routine

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I’ve been on a bit of a crazy train lately, having tried almost all the foundations I thought would be great for Spring & Summer as well as the up & coming wedding bells nearer to the end of the year. Well by what’s above it’s all seems like a great waste of time because I’ve gone back to old favourites but applied them in a better way. This is perfect for those warm Spring days & eventually hot Summer days as well as it lasting as long as you can.

My Spring & Summer Foundation Routine - products

Primer – The Base for Your Face

I start of with three primers which may seem crazy but necessary for me personally. Pick whichever primer suits your skin best for me that begins with Benefits PorefessionalI apply this to my nose & cheeks where I have large pores this fills those it creating a much smoother base. For the rest of my face I use The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser mainly for the Tea Tree as my skin has acted up lately. At this point I use Clinique All About Lips which is a primer of sorts for your lips. I just use one pump & spread it like lip balm in an even layer across my lips but also the skin around them. This preps it ready for lipstick helping to smooth the surface & edges so your colour doesn’t bleed. Getting this step right makes a big difference to how your foundation will sit on your skin more than it will make it last longer.

My Spring & Summer Foundation Routine - no make-up

Setting Spray

This may seem like overkill but I really think this is a game changer. I’m using the Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray, spray four times to get an even layer over your full face. I’ll not tell you to shut your eyes cause that bits obvious & it will hurt if you do! I’ve been using silicone primers a lot & find my foundations seems to slip around a lot making the process harder. This almost gives a little barrier that locks a layer between the silicone & your foundation. I also need to tell you this idea didn’t come from me I just put it into practice & saw the results. The concept came from Sharon Farrell who is a brilliant make-up artist on Youtube.

My Spring & Summer Foundation Routine - setting spray

Concealing Those Dark Circles & Spots

My newest product out of all of this is my concealer which is Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer in Light. This stuff really does last a full day & then some! If you can afford it I’d say it’s worth picking up, if not you can still follow the technique which I think has made a difference too. I feel like you can easily go overboard with concealer which can make the thicker ones like this go cakey. However when I use a blending brush to apply it I can use a bit at a time. I can also blend it out much faster before it sets giving a smooth surface almost like you haven’t add barely anything. I love how pigmented this one is but if your isn’t this method means you can build it up slowly.

My Spring & Summer Foundation Routine - concealer

I’ve only applied it to my under eyes in a v shape down to my nose. You can compare it with my eyelids you can see how much brighter my under eyes are & it covers the few dark spots I have really well. I’ve applied it to my lids after as I use it as a base for eyeshadow which you can see in the next photo.

My Spring & Summer Foundation Routine - concealer 2

My Ultimate Foundation

I have many liquid foundations that I really love like Revlon Colorstay & Mac Mineralize Moisture but they just don’t compare to the easy of use & longevity that this powder does. Mac Studio Fix Plus is a foundation that suits all moods you can apply it light or really go to town on full coverage building up where you need it most. I just use my blush brush to apply it & work from my fore head down so I can compare & see how much I’ve applied. You can go overboard but the next step can help that if you’ve ended up overly powdery.

My Spring & Summer Foundation Routine - foundation

Seal It All In

Yes more setting spray! The difference being I use a big powder brush & spray the Urban Decay All Nighter onto it. I then in a dabbing motion apply it to your whole face. The dabbing puts the product on your face without moving the powder you’ve just applied. This sets the powder removing the fluffy finish & making it look like skin again. It seals everything to you face & I also so this over my eye brows & eyeshadow to improve the wear when I’m using powders on those areas.

My Spring & Summer Foundation Routine - seal it in

This may seem like lots of extra steps to your routine but each of them makes a huge difference to how your face will look by the end of the day. I’m not one to touch up my make-up often so I like to know it’s still there.

What are your long lasting face base products you use when it gets hot?

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