Movies I Was Sure I’d Hate – #WIMM

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I have watched so many films in my lifetime that my brain is basically filled with an encyclopedia of useless movie knowledge. This is to the point that when I see a trailer it’s usually all I need to know to get a read on if I’ll like it or not. I’ve only ever walked out of one film which was Megamind keep in mind I love kids films even thought Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs was borderline funny for adults. I’ve included age ratings as the first film isn’t for kids, not even 15 year olds! Also #WIMM in case you’ve not seen these random posts stands for Where Is My Mind which can cover a multitude of random thoughts I wish to let you in on..

films im sure i would hate



50 Shades Of Grey 


IThis is easily one of those films where I can say it wasn’t perfect but you have to go in with an open mind. Everyone knows what 50 Shades Of Grey is about I don’t have to go into the saucy details. Even if you aren’t specifically into these things it’s an interesting story with funny little bits & pieces that make you think about life a little differently. What I personally loved about this film is two things. One Grey is played by Jamie Dornan who I thought was hot in The Fall even as a serial killer (don’t judge, have you seen him) which is why I was willing to watch this film. Then two after watching the film which wasn’t perfect I know, it got me to read the books. This is including the fourth Grey book from his perspective. The books are better than the film but still Jamie Dornan & yes I’ll be watching the next when it’s out!


Train Wreck

Before Train Wreck was out I never knew who Amy Schumer was let alone than she was a comedian & actress. I saw the trailer & it to me it looked so cliché but I guess that was kinda the point. The trailer doesn’t do it justice & the main plot is almost background to the smaller stories intertwined with it. When I first tried watching this I missed a crucial part of it right at the beginning where it steps back in time to her being a child. This by the way sets up the film so listen up! She’s basically every stereotype you’ve ever known but about Men. Everything is  in your face it could be taken out of context but it get’s the point across & you’ll end up laughing your head off. Amy Schumer’s humour in general is like this so if you do watch it & like it get Youtube up you’ll not be disappointed.




The trailer to this movie I feel could put even the biggest Xmen geek off watching it, me included. I was expecting the story to follow on from the Wolverine Origins film. Deadpool or Wade Wilson as it was then was left in a pile of rubble with one hand creeping out of it right at the end. However this is a different plot line & Wade becomes Deadpool a different way. Now I’ve been waiting a long time for this film so that threw me for a loop. Then the trailer was tacky a shit & yes the film is but the funny bits aren’t in the trailer. If it wasn’t for so many good reviews I’d have never even contemplated seeing it. Pros are it makes fun of the fact that it’s not a big budget film, Ryan Reynolds is hot as ever he was ( anyone remember Two Guys A Girl And A Pizza Place?) & oh yep it’s not bad like Green Lantern was!

PS. Yes I was in a giphy kinda mood when I wrote this post! Except for 50 shades as they were all a bit steamy!

What films did you think you’d hate but ended up enjoying? Let me know below in the comments as I’m always looking for more things to watch!

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