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I’ve talked about these before but I just can’t help it when I have a new scents in these. There always worth talking about! I managed to end up with three of the Philosophy 3 in 1 Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath this year between Christmas & my Birthday. Now based on the levels you can see in the photo you’d think that you could guess which is my favourite but you might be wrong…

Philosophy 3 in 1 Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath

I’ll mention here if you haven’t heard of Philosophy & their bubbles you need to give them a chance. I’ve used it every way suggested, as shampoo the least because it doesn’t really do anything for my hair. I would if the scent stayed with you longer almost like a fragrance, ok they seriously need to do hair conditioner. I loved this as a shower gel because it lathers up on your skin & makes your skin feel super soft. Since we moved though its become my ultimate bath time treat, more bubbles than you can imagine & the scent fills my bathroom it just feels luxe!

All of these scents I’m writing about today are 480ml bottles, they’re £14, however some are £19-£19.50 (Fresh Cream & Pure Grace).

Cinnamon Buns

First of all I’ll try to write the least about Cinnamon Buns simply because I’ll be repeating myself. I’ve linked the name to the post where I’ve written all about it. Let’s just say fresh hot baked that day cinnamon roll scent, it’s beautiful especially when you can’t get them in Sheffield! This is easily & I feel like it will always be my number one bubble bath ever or at least equal to Lush Comforter bubble bars which work out as expensive for me. However in Philosophy terms I use it least for special occasions or to simply pamper away a rough day at work.

Vanilla Birthday Cake

Just because it’s not your Birthday doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try this one out. It’s similar to Cinnamon Buns in the way it has that fresh warm just out of the oven scent just right. It’s also not as strong a scent so if you prefer something milder & without those spicy notes Vanilla Birthday Cake could be for you. However as so as you smell it, you’ll want cake, not so good for the waist line. However this has a hell of a lot fewer calories & it’s worth it’s perfect as an alternative treat. This smells like vanilla cake not just vanilla, an odd distinction but vanilla is easy to fake & usually smells chemically. This has that I’ve walked into a bakery & they’ve just got a vanilla sponge out the oven. I use this one more often that the one above but less than the one below.

Raspberry Glazed

Now don’t think that I completely hate Raspberry Glaze because I’m using it up the fastest. The scent it’s self in the bottle is really nice, it’s why I picked it up in the sale in the first place & it was limited edition. There was a peppermint candy cane that was way too minty fresh for a bath! What got me was when I came to use it, you get just as much bubble for your buck & a pale pink hue to the water but the scent lacked the umpf the other two did. I think in my head I imagined it would be like Raspberry Sorbet the all year round scent they do. Instead it’s more like the raspberry glaze at Krispy Kreme. However rather than it being under your nose as you bite in its hidden behind the glass & barely there to temp you. It’s nice but not enough for the price of them, this one just didn’t cut it.

If You Fancy One Read This Bit First

That’s the three that are in rotation at the moment & I always enjoy baths when I use them. It just adds that little extra we all need now & again. I will leave you with a little warning as my fella tried them out & he’s a sensitive old soul, they made his skin itch. If you fancy them pop in store they always have sample bottles so try a little on the back of your hand. Best to have an itchy hand that itch all over. For me I’ve never had an issue with them & I have odd skin as I have Psoriasis so it’s swings & roundabouts! Also I did have the Coconut Frosting which I’ll link if you want to know about that one too.

Have you tried any of these before? What did you think? I’m tempted to try the new Fresh Cream version.

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